Ted Nasmith

Tolkien art by Ted Nasmith

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Send any comments or questions to brad@anduin.eldar.org.

The signed copy of the "Tokien 2000" calendar, featuring artwork by Ted Nasmith, is available by contacting dnasmith@sympatico.ca. The price of the calendar is $22.00 U.S. including shipping.

Although about half way sold out, as of January 6th, 1998 the following illustrations are available as limited edition prints. The price of the prints run from $100 to $150 U.S. Please email dnasmith@sympatico.ca for current availability and shipping costs to your particular locale.

Name Number printed Size
Rivendell 495 25" x 29"
Minas Tirith at Dawn 495 23" x 31"
Shores of Valinor 495 16" x 21"
Caves of Aglarond 495 18" x 22"
Riders of the Ford 350 16" x 22"
Luthien 350 16" x 24"

All of the prints are printed on acid-free stock and come with a certificate of authenticity. In addition, they are hand numbered and signed by the artist.

Further, some of the illustrations are available as 6" x 8" art cards. Send email to dnasmith@sympatico.ca for further information concerning the prints or the art cards.