eldar.org info This purpose of this page is to provide people with information about the Internet site that is run by Brad Spencer. If you have arrived to this page, you where probably told about it from someone who has an account or knows Brad. Please read what is written here. If after reading though this, you still have some questions, you can email Brad at brad@anduin.eldar.org.


Last Updated: 3/21/98
  1. General Information
    1. anduin
    2. elrond
    3. valinor
    4. treebeard
    5. quickbeam
  2. General Rules
  3. Requirments
  4. Services
  5. Basic Account
  6. Web Pages
  7. E-Mail
  8. FTP
  9. List Serv
  10. Auto Responders
  11. IRC
  12. Security
    1. PGP
    2. SSH

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1) General Info
Dot One of the most important things to keep in mind that the Net link for my site is a simple single channel ISDN link. Graphic in Web pages and the like needs to be thought about carefully.

Dot There are 10 machines which make up the eldar.org domain:

Dot The main system. This is a 300MHZ AMD K6-2 with 64MB of core and around 14GB of disk on three SCSI controllers. It runs NetBSD.

Dot This is the Great River which runs mostly north and south through Middle Earth.
Middle Earth
Dot This is a Sun Sparc IPX with 28MB, 1GB of disk and a 4 tape DAT tape changer. It also runs NetBSD. This machine was formally a Sun Sparc 1+ and before that a Sun 4/110. The SS1+ and 4/110 still exists, but are not up, usually.

Dot This is the name of the leader of the elves who live in Rivendell. Actually, it is a little more complicated as he is actually Half-Elf, but as nearly any Tolkien fan will know, what Half-Elf *means* is bit complicated to explain.
Dot At one time, this is a 166MHZ Dec Alpha with 24MB and 1.3GB of disk. It also ran NetBSD. My particular Alpha box was known as a Multia. However, there is a rather fatal design flaw with this box. It seems that they can cook themselves. Valinor is now a Sun Sparc 2, around 40MHZ, with 16MB and the former 1GB disk which was on the Alpha. It still runs NetBSD.

Dot This is part of the undying land in the West. It is the land of the Valar in Aman where the Powers established their fortication after Melkor caused the Valar to leave Middle Earth.
Dot My Toshiba laptop. You do not get access to this machine. It runs NetBSD.

Dot Treebeard is the "leader" of the Ents of Fangorn wood. He is probably the oldest living being on Middle Earth, with the possible exception of Tom Bombadil, the keeper of the Old Forest.
Tree Beard
Dot The laptop my wife uses. You do not get access to this machine.

Dot In Elvish he is known as Bregalad and is another Ent. He has been called the closest thing to a hasty Ent. He helped look after Pippen and Merry while the other Ents were talking about what to do about Isengard and Saruman. As far as I know, there isn't a picture of him, but is described as having smooth shining skin on his arms and legs with grey-green hair. He is probably one of the youngest Ents.

There are also:
DotbilboA Sun IPC
DotfrodoA Sun Sparc 10 with two processors
DotmordorA AMD K6-2 450MHZ
DotpippinA Sun 3/80
DotsamwiseA Sun Sparc 1

When the machines are up, they all have proper Net access via my neato
Network provider. Currently, valinor does email list service, pippin serves as a place to run IRC clients and anduin serves as the main system at the domain.

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2) General rules
Dot I own the site lock, stock and barrel... There is no appeal other then me.

Dot While I will answer email, or talk requests, etc.. from anyone, I do not have a whole
     lot of time for "newbie" issues. In general, I assume everyone knows what to do with
     a Unix shell account, unless stated otherwise.

Dot While I pretty much do not care what personal files people keep, I would rather not
     give a voice to certain things. In particular, anything to do with the exploitation of kids.

Dot There are certain activities which will not be allowed.
        1) Mass SPAMing. I don't like it very much and really won't allow it.
        2) Breaking into other sites from this one.
        3) Sharing accounts.

Dot It is expected that everyone to behave themselves. I might get irrational otherwise.

Dot I prefer having on file a smail address for all persons at my site, who I don't know personally.

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3) Requirements for an account?
Dot None, except that most everyone should be able to deal with the world on their own.

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4) What services does eldar.org offer?
Dot What the site hosts in the way of services?

        1) Web page
        2) FTP area
        3) List Serve
        4) E-Mail
        5) Shell account
        6) Auto Responders
        7) Basically nearly everything which one might expect at any system which is on the
             Internet would be available and I can compile most anything, if there is source.

Dot What can be accessed?

        1) The Web via lynx
        2) FTP via unix FTP
        3) IRC via irc
        4) And so on...

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5)Basic Account
Dot What is the account?
It is simply a standard shell account.

Dot Is there a disk useage limit (quota)?
Well, only in so much as, if you run the disk out of space, I'll have to deal with it. Typically, I set up the account with a 5MB/15MB soft/hard limit. These can be adjusted, however... and really are only used to give the users some sort of idea as to the amount of space they are using.

DotDoes the account use the shell prompt, or a user interface?
I am really only interested in doing shells.... Althought, pilot, the file system navigator that comes with pine is available.

Dot How long without me accessing the account will you allow it on the system before you take the account off?
I would probably audit things once a year or so.

Dot How do I access the account?
Telnet and such from any place else on the Net.

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6)Web Page
Dot Can I get a Web Page?
You get one by getting a shell account.

DotIs there a size limit?
See disk usage above.

DotIs there a local page counter?
There is now a counter for those who have an eldar.org account. Where is it? How does it work? Enquire

DotHow do I put my web page on eldar.org?
One gets a shell account and puts all the various bits in the directory /home/username/public_html via FTP

DotWhat would my URL be?
Something like http://anduin.eldar.org/~username

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Dot How can i check my email?
After telneting to the site one can use, mail, Emacs, pine, or probably a dirty finger nail.

Dot Is POP3 supported?

Dot Is IMAP supported?
Yup, yup....

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Dot Can I have an anonymous FTP area? How much space am I allowed?
You can have an anonymous FTP area by asking nicely.... The space would be taken out of your home directory quota.

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9) List Serv

NOTE: In general, the eldar.org domain is current not accepting any new requests for LIST service. This policy may be modified in the future.

Dot What list serv program are you using?
Majordomo 1.94.1

Dot Can I use archive?

Dot Can I use digest?

Dot Who sets up the mailing lists?
Well, LISTs always seem to take a bit to get going.... It requires an account here which acts as the owner. It also requires that majordomo be set up to know about the new list.

Dot I have a large mailing list, can you handle it?
It depends and would be handled on a case by case basis.

DotWill someone run my mailing list for me?
It is prefered that you are the owner/runner of the mailing list, being that Brad does not run them. He only sets them up. However,
Benji might run the list, or help you run it if he has time and wants to.

DotI want to run my own list, but I don't know anything about majordomo or UNIX, will someone help me get started?
Yes, either Brad will help you or Benji will help you. Brad is busy with other things related to his life, and eldar.org, and does not have much time for newbie questions. It is for this reason, that Brad allows Benji to help in the mail list administration.

Dot I want more information.
If you want to know more about the list serv that is set up, you might want to read this. If that doesn't answer your questions, feel free to email Benji

NOTE: In general, the eldar.org domain is current not accepting any new requests for LIST service. This policy may be modified in the future.

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10) Auto Responders
Dot I want one, what do I have to do?

You will have to inquire within (or even deeper within) to get one set up.

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Dot Can I access IRC from eldar.org?

Dot Do you have an IRC server set up?
No... I don't think my link is up to it.

Dot Is there a local IRC server up?
Yes, there is a local IRC server on valinor.

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12) Security
Dot How secure is the site?
Being that the site runs on of the unixes that are out there, it is pretty secure. The file permission, and that passwords that are needed to enter the site keeps the owners data out of reach of others.

Dot Is PGP available anyplace?
Yes... both anduin and valinor have PGP 2.6.2. I don't particularly use it that much, but I find the entire concept sorta interesting. If you want my public key, just ask

Dot Is SSH available anyplace?
Yes... all of the machines in the domain run SSH. Most of them will require that you use SSH protocol version 2, although some might also allow version 1.

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If there was anything left out or you want more info on one of the topics, you can contact Brad. If there is a problem with this page or you think there should be some changes, contact Benji Spencer (the creater/maintainer of this page)