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Teknoman Episodic Synopses


The Earth is invaded by hordes of monstrous Spidercrabs under the control of
the Venomoid warlord, DARKON.  His first target is the Space-Ring, a huge
orbital space station surrounding the Earth.  Suddenly, an armored figure
appears -- the Teknoman, SLADE -- who attempts to stop the attack, but is
confronted by GUNNAR, one of the mutant Teknomen under Darkon's control.  In
the ensuing battle, Slade is badly wounded and sent plummeting toward the
planet below, where his explosive impact creates a gigantic crater.  The
SPACE KNIGHTS, RINGO and STAR, are sent to investigate and are amazed when
the injured Slade emerges from the crater.  They take him back to their base
and nurse him back to health.  They have no clue as to Slade's identity or
where he came from, and neither does Slade, who can remember only two
things: his name is Slade and he must stop the aliens from conquering Earth.


The "Blue Earth" is damaged and is forced to make an emergency landing on
the Space-Ring.  RINGO questions SLADE about his ability to transform, but
Slade claims he still can't remember anything.  Ringo suspects Slade is
hiding something and is determined to find out what.


In an attempt to place SLADE under his command, GENERAL GALT orders an armed
take-over of the Space Knight Command Center.  But his plan is foiled by the
intervention of the PRESIDENT OF THE TERRAN PLANETARY COUNCIL.  Meanwhile, a
section of the Space-Ring has become detached from the station and is
falling toward Earth.


The SPACE KNIGHTS are sent into action against the aliens.  The mission is a
success, but SLADE'S energy is almost totally depleted and he is left
drifting helplessly in space.  RINGO thinks that he and STAR should head for
Earth while they still can, but Star insists that they go back and save


SLADE tells TINA he now realizes that if he remains in his TEKNOMAN guise
for longer than thirty minutes, the Teknoman side of his being will take
over.  He will lose his "soul" and become a slave of the VENOMOID WARLORD
DARKON.  He makes Tina promise to have RINGO blast him out of the sky before
that can happen.


The SPACE KNIGHTS receive a distress call from the Space-Ring, supposedly
from survivors of the previous attack.  SLADE and the Space Knights are sent
to rescue them, but it turns out there are no survivors.


MAGGIE attempts to design a TEKNOBOT which, when SLADE enters its Interlock
Chamber, will amplify the power of his shattered Tekno-crystal and enable
him to transform into TEKNOMAN again.  Meanwhile, GUNNAR announces that he
will call off the attacking SPIDERCRABS if Slade is handed over to him.
Slade steals a rocket and flies off to meet Gunnar one-on-one, carrying a
bomb he believes will blow Gunnar (and himself) to atoms.


GENERAL GALT, anxious to know the source of Tekno-power, sends BALZAC to
infiltrate the SPACE KNIGHTS in the guise of a war correspondent.
Meanwhile, the aliens are attacking Earth with the computer controlled
Space-Ring laser cannon.  COMMANDER JAMISON tells the Space Knights that
they must alter the computer's laser-control program without attempting to
destroy the computer.  If the computer is damaged or destroyed, its back-up
system will switch on all the lasers and the Earth will be destroyed.
Balzac accompanies the Space Knights on their mission.  After boarding the
Space-Ring, a fight between the aliens and TEKNOMAN sets off the back-up
system, and Balzac is the only one who can figure out how to disable the


One of JAMISON'S old friends, DR. SILAS RANDOM, a long time opponent of the
military's efforts to take control of the planetary government, is in
command of an Earth-bound convoy carrying vital supplies.  Random transmits
several messages over an "open" channel (one that can be picked up by
VENOMOIDS), leading the SPACE KNIGHTS to believe that he's planning to lead
the convoy into a trap.


SLADE, STAR and RINGO are assigned to help a Special Forces Commando Squad
retrieve three ultra-speed attack fighters from the Space-Ring.  When the
"Blue Earth" is damaged by SPIDERCRABS, Ringo and Star are forced to return
to Earth.  Slade fights his way to the Space-Ring where he meets CAPTAIN
MILES O'ROURKE, leader of the Commando Squad.  O'Rourke resents an outsider
interfering with his mission, just as Slade resents having to assist in a
military operation.  But as they fight their way toward a common objective,
a mutual respect develops between the two.  Later, when Slade congratulates
O'Rourke on the "success" of the mission, the Commando leader reminds Slade
that during the so-called "success," they lost three men and asks, "How do
you think the families of those three will feel when they hear of their
loss?  War isn't numbers, Slade, it's people.  Never forget that."


During a combined SPACE KNIGHT/military attack against the
SPIDERCRABS infesting the Space-Ring, a young cadet is partnered with a
seasoned veteran who teaches him about the glories and horrors Episodic
of war.  After the battle, SLADE gets an unpleasant surprise!


When the SPACE KNIGHTS are given shore leave, TINA, MAGGIE and STAR go to
the shopping mall.  When they see SLADE there, they call out to him but he
doesn't respond to their greeting.  Later on, they learn Slade wasn't at the
mall.  In fact he's been with MAC at the Command Center all day.  The women
are amazed, saying, "This guy could have been Slade's twin!"  Slade
immediately knows what this means -- his twin brother SABER, one of DARKON'S
most lethal warriors, has come looking for him.  Shortly thereafter, the
twins meet and Saber mocks Slade for being weak, for refusing to acknowledge
the dark side of his Tekno-nature and rejecting the gift of unlimited power
Darkon has offered them.  The twin brothers fight, and Saber gains the upper
hand just as Slade's thirty minute time limit is about to expire.


The VENOMOIDS attack a nuclear fusion plant in order to steal the Earth's
energy.  When SLADE rushes to oppose them, SABER appears and the two
TEKNOMEN do battle once again.  During the fight, more images from Slade's
childhood flash through his mind.  He sees himself and Saber playing as
brothers with their sister, SHARA.


SLADE has been in his Tekno-mode too long and he can't change back.  He
sinks deeper and deeper into the dark side of the TEKNOMAN persona.  In an
attempt to get him to transform back to his "human" self, TINA, who reminds
Slade of his sister SHARA, risks her life by confronting the inhuman monster
which Slade has become.


BALZAC discovers COMMANDER JAMISON'S secret underground research laboratory
below the Command Center.  While the SPACE KNIGHTS are responding to an
alien attack, Balzac bypasses Jamison's security system and enters the lab.
To his surprise, Balzac finds Jamison, who's known his true identity all
along, waiting for him.  Balzac's surprise increases when Jamison gives him
the information he's been sent to find.  A complete record of all research
concerning Tekno-power and its potential use in the creation of a


that produces Zeetron, a substance essential to the production of the
military's Tekno-suits.  A huge squadron of aliens attack the facility and
SLADE, afraid that he will lose control again and hurt his friends, is
reluctant to transform into TEKNOMAN.  STAR finally
convinces Slade to transform and he, as Teknoman, goes to defend the
facility.  But his help turns out to be unnecessary.


The new "TEKNOMAN" turns out to be BALZAC, wearing the military's newly
developed Tekno-suit.  Meanwhile, Balzac's friend MARLOW, the scientist
responsible for designing the Tekno-suit, is hurt while attempting to
transport the suit's Zeetron power source to a safe location.  Balzac blames
SLADE for Marlow's injuries and accuses him of cowardice because Slade
delayed his transformation.


Shell-shocked, SLADE has been put in the "care" of GENERAL GALT, who is
studying him in an effort to improve the design of the military's
Tekno-suit.  STAR and RINGO break into Galt's headquarters to try and free
Slade so he can help against the VENOMOIDS.


Despite the aliens' furious attack against the Allied Military Command's
headquarters, SLADE refuses to transform himself into TEKNOMAN.  He fears
the VENOMOID monster he will become if he exceeds the thirty minute limit.
Frustrated by Slade's reluctance, RINGO takes matters into his own hands by
hijacking Tekno-suit Number Two and going out to meet the enemy.


It's obvious to RINGO that SLADE and STAR'S mutual shyness is preventing
them from developing the romantic relationship they both want.  During a
racquetball game, Ringo gives Slade some "man-to-man" advice about how to
resolve the situation.  Meanwhile, Slade's sister SHARA leaves DARKON'S base
on the moon to search for Slade and to warn him about Darkon's plans.


Arriving on Earth, SHARA finds herself in a desert village where she
transforms into her TEKNOWOMAN persona to save a little girl from a
SPIDERCRAB.  Meanwhile, JAMISON rushes to develop a new and devastating
weapon with which SLADE can defeat SABER -- an anti-matter warhead missile.


SABER, leading an attack which has almost destroyed the Space Knights'
Command Center, demands that SLADE come out and fight him.  RINGO buys some
time for Slade and the Command Center by attacking Saber in Tekno-suit
Number Two.


SLADE tells the SPACE KNIGHTS the story of how he became involved with the
VENOMOIDS.  His real name is NESS CARTER and his family was aboard the
deep-space research vessel "Argos" when it encountered a strange alien craft
near the rings of Saturn.  Thrilled at the prospect of an encounter with
extra-terrestrials, they boarded the vessel, only to be attacked by
frightening creatures called TEKNOPODS, which like the Terran plant called
the Venus Fly Trap, swallowed them whole.


SHARA warns SLADE about DARKON'S secret underground base on the dark side of
the moon.  She also warns him about the imminent arrival of three more evil
TEKNOMEN - LANCE, AXE and SWORD - who are being sent by Darkon to help Saber
destroy Slade.


Mistakenly believing that the aliens are using the Space-Ring as their
headquarters, GENERAL GALT launches an Ultron Bomb to destroy it, in spite
of the millions of human lives which will be endangered by the resulting
debris falling to Earth.  SLADE succeeds in destroying the bomb.  Meanwhile,
an ailing SHARA leaves the Command Center in order to help Slade by
destroying SABER and his TEKNOMEN cohorts.


This is a recap of the series up to this point, told from Star's
point-of-view.  An unidentifiable, hooded figure picks up an audio-computer
chip from the deserted area near the demolished Space Knight Command Center.
When the hooded figure opens the chip's casing, the voice of COMMANDER
JAMISON narrates the story of "The efforts of the SPACE KNIGHTS on behalf of
the planet Earth, including those of NESS CARTER, better known as the


In a Middle Eastern village, a young boy named RASHID mistakes RINGO (in his
Tekno-suit) for the mythical RED SAVIOR.  According to legend, the Red
Savior will protect the residents from the alien invaders.  When AXE and the
other evil TEKNOMEN show up, Ringo's best just isn't enough.


Just as the batteries of the "Green Earth" (The SPACE KNIGHTS' surface
vehicle) are in need of recharging, the group finds a town that has a
generator.  Fearing that use of the generator will result in discovery by
the VENOMOIDS, the townspeople refuse to help the Space Knights.  In spite
of the town's precautions, the Venomoids attack.


RINGO goes home and discovers that his mother and father are casualties of
the war with the aliens.  He also finds out that his hometown has been
devastated by a gang of roving outlaws known as the HYENAS, who prove to be
no match for the SPACE KNIGHTS.  Ringo donates is family estate as a
playground for the local school children.  As they continue on their
journey, SLADE and the other Space Knights decide the only way to reach
DARKON'S moon base is to sucker AXE into a trap and to take his
Tekno-crystal.  They find a town which is brightly lit, a sure invitation
for a SPIDERCRAB attack.  It turns out that the town's inhabitants are
members of a Special Forces Mortar Squad who are trying to lure the aliens
into a trap, which seems to fit in perfectly with the plans of the Space
Knights.  Axe takes the bait and, along with a squadron of Spidercrabs,
attacks the town.


The "Green Earth" comes upon a mysterious castle where they are greeted by a
robot named TORG, the servant and companion of GLORIA, the mistress of the
castle.  In complete denial about the alien invasion, Gloria claims to be
awaiting the return of her grandfather, who left the castle six months
earlier.  RINGO, however, discovers that Gloria's grandfather passed away a
year before the invasion, which means that Gloria is living in a fantasy
world, out of touch with reality.  When the aliens attack the castle, the
SPACE KNIGHTS try to convince Gloria to leave with them, but she insists on
remaining in the crumbling castle.


After SLADE and RINGO rescue a woman, RACHEL, from an alien attack, she
invites the SPACE KNIGHTS to spend some time at her farm.  There they
discover that the man living with her is none other than BALZAC, GENERAL
GALT'S spy, for whom they bear little affection.  But Balzac, it turns out,
is a changed man.


SLADE, knowing that he walking into a trap, answers AXE'S telepathic
Tekno-summons and goes to meet him in combat.  The other SPACE KNIGHTS are
prevented from joining Slade in his fight with Axe, and watch helplessly as
Slade fights what appears to be a losing battle.


SLADE is fighting AXE, who used to be GRANT GODDARD (Slade's karate
instructor and one of the crewmen aboard the "Argos") before being
transformed into a mutant Teknoman.  Axe encases both of them in a web of
impenetrable thorns, where he intends to fight Slade to the end.


Near Iceland, BALZAC and RINGO have to cut through the ice and go underwater
in order to retrieve a micro-chip needed by COMMANDER JAMISON at the new
Command Center in Alaska.  When they're attacked by aliens, SLADE is about
to go and help them when SGT. O'ROURKE orders him not to!  O'Rourke then
explains that, according to Jamison's current research, Slade's body cells
are disintegrating due to the many Tekno-transformations he's undergone.
The next transformation could be his last.


SLADE, RINGO and STAR join the rest of the SPACE KNIGHTS at the new Command
Center, where Slade's condition continues to worsen.  Slade suggests that
they harness the power of one of the VENOMOID spore plants to the Teknobot's
Interlock Chamber, in order to force his evolution into a "super" TEKNOMAN.
He has only a fifty-fifty chance of surviving the process, during which he
will be immobilized for three hours.  One hour after the process has begun,
LANCE attacks the Command Center which, without Slade's protection, seems
doomed to destruction.


As SLADE undergoes the evolutionary process that will transform into a
"Super" TEKNOMAN, LANCE, in an effort to replace SABER as DARKON'S favorite,
launches an attack on the SPACE KNIGHTS' Alaskan Command Center.


Due to the psychological trauma inflicted by SLADE'S transformation into
TEKNOMAN-PLUS, he doesn't remember that his friends know him by his
Tekno-name (Slade).  He insists on being called by the only name he
remembers -- NESS.  Meanwhile, the alien spore plants growing all over the
planet are about to mature into Tekno-pods, capable of transforming all the
humans on Earth into mutant Teknomen, slaves of the VENOMOID WARLORD, DARKON.


Because he has assumed his TEKNOMAN mode, SLADE'S memory loss has worsened
and he momentarily forgets that he has the ability to transform into the
TEKNOMAN-PLUS mode.  So when he confronts SABER (in his
"normal" Tekno-mode) Slade is no match for his twin.


SLADE and the other SPACE KNIGHTS join forces with the late CAPTAIN
O'ROURKE'S commando squad in an effort to regain access to one of the
Space-Ring's launching ports.  One member of the squad is ANGELA, O'Rourke's
widow.  SWORD, meanwhile, is destroying the ports before the Earth force can
get to them.


Releasing SABER from his prison, DARKON imbues him with the same
super-evolved Tekno-powers that SLADE now possesses as TEKNOMAN-PLUS.
Though Saber knows that the physical stress caused by the acquisition of
these new powers may lead to his own destruction, he gladly accepts them as
the edge he needs to destroy his twin brother.


On board the "Blue Earth," RINGO and BALZAC run into SWORD (a.k.a.
KATHERINE), who attempts to destroy them in order to protect her master,
DARKON.  In the ensuing battle, Balzac and Ringo are badly injured and Sword
is destroyed.


You'll have to tune into Teknoman to find out what happens when Slade
encounters Saber. Will this be their "Final Battle"???

TM and (c) 1995 Saban Entertainment, Inc. & Saban International N.V.  All
Rights Reserved.  TEKNOMAN and all logos, character names and distinctive
likenesses thereof are trademarks of Saban Entertainment, Inc. and Saban
International N.V.

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