Rurik Log-

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August 6th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 8th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 9th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 11th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 12th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 13th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 14th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 15th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 16th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 17th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 20th, 3rd Year of the Empire

Investigation after the battle revealed the following. The tribe was the Black Mountain Orcs, led by a crafty shaman named Gru-chuk. They had snuck over the walls in the dark of night and slain the few village guardians within minutes. After that, they drove the people out of the village, slaying some, but letting most run through the south gate.

Even after a week of orc infestation, the village is remarkably well off. Stories have told of orcs laying fire to anything once the looting was done, but no arson was committed in Ringelwood. Some of the wealth and prized possessions has disappeared, prompting Twalen to speculate that this Gru-chuk and some of his orcs were not in the village when it was liberated. Most likely shepherding a train of loot back to whence they came.

Twalen and Branda were both once adventurers, but have no taste for it now. Twalen is responsible for the safety of Walkerdun and Branda agrees to move to Ringelwood to lead their defenses in the future.

Branda is personally grateful to Callus Grym and Angus Darkhammer for saving her life. She was chagrined that mere orcs had taken her down, but she admitted that too many decades had passed for her to wade into such battles with impunity.9

August 21st, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 22nd, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 23rd, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 24th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 25th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 26th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 27th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 28th, 3rd Year of the Empire

"Several years have passed and I still find it difficult to tell the tale. The rumors were true of Durgeddin's Home. It stood as a great beacon in the wild lands, a bastion of law against the tides of chaos. Countless were the numbers Durgeddin and his honored people slew.

But we found it broken by the Gudden, all the good dwarves slain to a one.

It was too late that we realized that the fiend behind the invasion of the Forge had not departed. No Gudden warlord had eluded Durgeddin's myriad of defenses. It was betrayal by a trusted ally. This greatest sin was committed by Katral the Deceiver.

In our battle, he slew my friend. Kaskarian is no more.

My hands were too weak. I fled carrying only my life and not his body. No greater injustice could I have done him. Instead of finding his peace in the green meadows of Skyreach, he is condemned to unconsecrated death.

I tried twice to rescue his body, but the Gudden had taken over the Forge and each time drove me off.

As much as I still mourn my friend, the siren's call of adventure brings me forth from my comfortable home in Strathruyl. Traders have heard of a smithy in Tyrol who fashions goods as good as the Durin. No Durin has received permission from the king to practice in that human village, so I suspect someone is making good use of Andune's Forge."

"I had Andune's hammer in my grasp, I felt its power. All gone by the hands of a smelly, wine-sipping, shaggy-footed, cackling, obese, Gorm-to-hell hobbit! I cannot return to Strathruyl without the hammer or the shame would kill me where I stood. I have looked for weeks and the creature has vanished.

I suspect I must listen to the laws of Vergadain the Sly. If I do not seek out this foul thief, he will fall into my hands, if it be her will.

I find I miss my friend more now as I sorely need his talents and companionship. My brothers may condemn me for trusting an elf, but I have found that the Iluwin can offer us things we cannot provide for ourselves. Kaskarian was a delightful mage, full of humor and trickery. But he also knew how to swing his thin blade to lethal advantage. Being a few hundred years older than I, I appreciated his patient view. More than once his calm hand restrained me when my blood boiled for the fight, each time saving my life.

But I cannot mourn him by putting myself in danger, at disadvantage. I have found another elf who will complement my skills at adventure. His adopted name is Hamali. He too is a mage and warrior. Though he is younger than I, it appears that patience is an elven trait.37

August 29th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 30th, 3rd Year of the Empire

August 31st, 3rd Year of the Empire

September 1st, 3rd Year of the Empire

September 2nd, 3rd Year of the Empire

September 3rd, 3rd Year of the Empire

September 15th, 3rd Year of the Empire

September 18th, 3rd Year of the Empire

September 19th, 3rd Year of the Empire

September 27th, 3rd Year of the Empire

September 28th, 3rd Year of the Empire

October 1st, 3rd Year of the Empire

October 2nd, 3rd Year of the Empire

October 3rd, 3rd Year of the Empire

October 4th, 3rd Year of the Empire

Being that dwarves have accounting in their blood, the suggestion of clearing the dungeon and carting away the loot is immediately adopted by all.

Angus and Iggy begin to assess the place for its defensive holes - Is the front door broken?

DeKlerik grabs Rurik and together they begin to put the place in order - establishing dwarflight (glowing stones that illuminate big caverns and small rooms without bothering their natural sight abilities)

In their estimate, it would take the following to bring Khundrukar back to its former glory.

A full assessment of the "loot" factor is based on Max and Marisa spending a few days carefully searching the complex.

October 11th, 3rd Year of the Empire

It is decided amongst our heroes that some shall fetch wagons from Ringelwood, haul the loot to Paag, sell it, and return with the money. The Hin, refusing to be stuck in a dwarfhole for weeks, volunteer, along with DeKlerik to watch over them and make the deals.

Meanwhile, Iggy, Rurik, and Angus remain to defend Khundrukar. Knowing that others will come eventually, they "repair" the hole leading to Durgeddin's Lake as well as booby trap the orc tunnel leading to the surface.

November 1st, 3rd Year of the Empire

After three weeks, DeKlerik, Max, and Marisa return to Khundrukar with 10,000 (1,667 each) gold for their troubles. They have barely scurried into the fortress when a troop of dwarves approach from the west.

Their shields are emblazoned with the clenched hand of Melandur Stonefist, symbol of the dwarves of Durun Baldesi.

Veran Goldnose leads the troop and is greatly pleased to see that the Fortress of Khundrukar has been liberated. He and his people (warriors and accountants) quickly take stock of the place and prepare it to come back to life.

In Durgeddin's Hall, Goldnose sits down with our heroes?

Goldnose sweeps his ornate robes behind him and sits at the head of the table in Durgeddin's Hall, already feeling in charge of the place. One of his assistants, a poor clan dwarf named Kijo Coldforge, brings ale and food to the table. The Hin sit in raised chairs.

"I raise my tankard to you, my fine brethren!" crows Goldnose. He drinks deeply, as do our heroes. Max is shown to have a prodigious talent in consuming alcohol, beating several dwarves in draining his tankard.

"You have wrested from the Durinfel this glorious fortress, a deed worthy of the Song of Heroes! And I am here to assure you that your lord, Dwarflord Stonefist, is also aware of your accomplishment and sends you his heartfelt praise."

Goldnose's demeanor darkens. "It would seem plain to me that the glory you have gained should be all that your true Durin souls require for your services, but as I am bound by our bargain?" Goldnose motions for Kijo to bring over an ornate chest. Opening it, he spills out a lot of gold coins. "Here is the agreed reward of twenty thousand gold coins, from the coffers of Dwarflord Stonefist."

The Minister of Trade pauses for Kijo to remove the empty chest and the glittering gold to work its magic on the Hin and dwarves assembled. Even the two dwarves behind Goldnose (personal bodyguard) are salivating over the pile.

"But even that does not complete your reward, my friends. Our Dwarflord wishes to honor you in the halls of Durun Baldesi, before all the fathers of the Dwarfhome. I am given to believe that he will grant you titles, of which there is no greater honor." (Likely knighthoods, giving them the title "Talos")

"I must remain here to supervise the defense and resurrection of this Fortress. My captain, Ojer Shard, will lead your honor guard on the trip back home. The Dwarflord expects you in time for the Feast of Swords which falls in seven days."

"But for now, let us eat our fill, drink our pride, and sing the ancient songs!"

A night passes of revelry. The coins are divided among the six heroes and packed away in their belongings. It is in the wee hours of the morning that they shuffle back to top floor guard room to sleep.50

1 Start of first session, August 8th.

2 Verify this info with Jeffrey.

3 Double-check with Big Dog and Jeff what this is.

4 Critical.

5 Originally, there was confusion if it stacked with regular armor. I left it as Mage Armor as Forne probably would not have been sleeping in his armor.

6 End of first session. XP: Angus, Forne, Iggy, and Sapper get 125 for the fight. All get 250 for roleplaying.

7 Start of second session, August 15th.

8 End of second session. XP: 625 per PC.

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10 Start of third session, September 2nd.

11 The Seven Elders have a stronghold in Thran.

12 Rurik wonders that as well.

13 End of third session. XP: 110 for everyone in the group.

14 Start of fourth session, September 17th.

15 Email from Big Dog.

16 Silvantis loses 3 strength points.

17 Sapper scores a critical, but gives up an AoO.

18 Rurik scores a critical.

19 Check with Big Dog what told him the ogre's name.

20 Check with Brad on total constitution lost.

21 End of fourth session. XP: Sapper 1050, rest of group 950.

22 Start of fifth session, October 15th.

23 Rurik obviously was not paying enough attention here.

24 Rurik and Forne lost 5 strength, while Callus lost 3.

25 ID#15.

26 End of fifth session. XP: Sapper 900, rest of group 800.

27 Start of sixth session, November 7th. XP: Silvantis, Rurik, and Angus 300 for questions. Rurik 840 for log.

28 Double-check with Big Dog on the length of the wand.

29 The rapier is +1. The wand has 20 charges.

30 Silvantis scores a fumbles.

31 End of sixth session. XP: 1500 for group.

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35 Sapper scores a critical.

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