Bariki - a Lesser Jardine's Parrot (poicephalus gulielmi fantiensis)

Bariki is a male Lesser Jardine's Parrot. He was hatched in February of 1997.

Bariki - "I'm not so sure about that camera contraption you are pointing in my face - and that applies to the rest of the pictures on this page, too."

One of Bariki's favorite activities is cuddling with me. (I am the only person granted that priviledge, however.)

A "puddle of bird" snuggling in my lap in the evening

Bariki's wing markings (in different light, the green glows)

Bariki's breeder was Jean Pattison, The African Queen . Bariki was hatched in February of 1997.

For a discussion and pictures of the 3 Jardine's subspecies found in the United States, see Rita Shimniok's article on Jardine's subspecies and the Jardine's page of the African Parrot Society.

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