Nick and Keet are budgies (commonly called parakeets in petstores in the USA.) Keet is a fiesty little hen and came to me from a chain petstore in December, 1996 at 3-6 months of age. She is one of the smaller American/pet budgies. She is a "normal green" budgie, but, truth be told, I think normal green budgies are one of the most beautiful budgie colors.

Nick came to me the day after Christmas in 1997 (hence "St Nick" hence "Nick") from a breeder in Florida. He was 4 months old. He is half English/exhibition budgie and half American/pet budgie. His color is "yellow-face type II, violet, cinnamon, spangle."

(Fall 2002 update. Nick died from cancer (most likely either a kidney or testicular tumor, which are sadly very common in budgies) in late August 2002. His exact hatchday is not known, but he was right around 5 years old.)

Nick and Keet. Nick and Keet

Keet Nick


May I have Tori's Big Bird cage? I may be small, but I'm active! (Tori is a Cape parrot.) Tori's Big Bird toys?

Tori's Big Bird swing?

Big Bird food?

Big Bird gyms?

The Kiss - Nick and April (April was Nick's first mate. April died sudddenly of a congenital heart defect at 18 months old.)

Nick and April

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