Tori - A Cape (poicephalus fusicollis fusicollis) Parrot

(Note: The current 3 Cape parrot subspecies are in the process of being reclassified into two separate species. Tori is commonly known in the USA as a Cape Parrot (poicephalus robustus fusicollis), but is officially known as a Brown-necked Parrot (poicephalus fusicollis fusicollis.)

Tori is a happy, friendly, silly, playful parrot. His beak is shaped so he looks like he is always smiling, but he really means the smile! (You can click the image above to see a full page portrait of Tori.)

Tori loves having his head skritched and gives kisses when asked "Give me a kiss?"


Tori's head is not "just grey." Each feather is tinged with another color, such as red-brown or green.

Tori's breeder is Scott Lewis of Old World Aviaries. Tori was hatched in November 1998.

For more information on Cape parrots, see Craig Harris' Cape parrot pages.

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