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Hello, My name is Paul Hiles and welcome to my Home Page. Warning this site is under construction so it will be changing without any notice. Please come back again and see the changes that will be happening. I hope that you like the these links.

Fun Places to Visit While in Cleveland

The Cleveland Indians - The American League Champions

The Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame

The Current Weather in Cleveland

The Five Day Forcast for Cleveland

Some Good places to get LOST!

Friends and Family Home Pages

(No! This is not MCI)
  • The Dalrymple Family

  • Paul G. (Evil Twin) (NOT! - P.M. Gazella)
  • Chris P.
  • Brad

  • Schools that I have attended

  • Shaker Hts. High School (No Home Page)
  • Ohio Northern University (Under Grad.)
  • Cleveland State University (Masters)

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