MATH Chess & RETROS Bibliographical ReSource
by Mario Velucchi - Pisa (Italy)

I have in elaboration the second edition of my "Math Chess Bibliography", in collaboration with Mr. Alessandro CASTELLI (AISE - Heterodox Chess Italian Asociation).
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   This bibliography is devoted to: 
MathChess-ChessBoard  Problems-Puzzles, Retrograde
Analysis Chess Problems, Joke-Letter-Picture 
Problems, Chess Problems and Computer, and others 
Unusual ChessProblem references ...
   I seek references (from all the World and in 
all the languages) to: Books, Journals, Papers, 
Booklets, Articles, Chapters, Paragraphs ... (old,
very old, recently and/or expected ...) and every 
other Help for to have a much more complete 
bibliography, reference-book.
   Very useful for my investigations, are Annual 
Indexes of Journals, information, addresses, 
references about journals, collectors, 
associations, libraries, clubs ... from all the 
   For Journal's Editors (Chess and non-Chess 
Journals/Magazines): Are You interested to have 
Your Journal (out-of-print or in print) in this 
list? Please, send me back Indexes and next time 
                                                          THANKS IN ADVANCE!
                                                       Cheer, Mario VELUCCHI

:: Mario VELUCCHI 'Bibliografia scacchistica, annotata' Scacchi e Scienze Applicate, 
:: Venezia 1995; pp.21 [A4] journal supplement: `Scacchi e Scienze Applicate' ISSN: 0392-0127
::   Bibliography - References of: Books, Magazines, Technical Reports, Articles ...
::   Topics: Math Chess, Retrograde Analysis, Chess Problems and Computer, Joke-Letter-Picture
::           Problems, Fairy Chess ...
::   Introduction and Comments in ENGLISH and ITALIAN. 
:: Available at:
::      Romano BELLUCCI
::      Castello 5449
::      I-30122 Venezia - ITALY
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