My little Classical Music CD collection and preferences ...
by Mario Velucchi - Pisa (Italy)

I love classical music with predilection for Early music (Renaissance period - 15th Century ... until first Classical period - 18th Century) with Vivaldi, Bach and Mozart my preferred composers. I invite you to check my Classical Music CD Collection list and send me you friendly comments, exchange of opinions and new hints ... if you love this music too!
I advice you to visit the address if you are interested to find considerable available information Internet on-line about Classical Music and related Composers.

Useful Web Music sources:
| Classical Music, Early Music Page | Classical Music in Italy |
| NAXOS -- Classical Music CD and references | Amazon.Com -- Cassical Music CD and references |
| Radio Montebeni CLASSICA fM |
| Lute Societies | The Guitar and Lute Music Page | Guitar & Lute | The Lute -- Perkins Library |
| "Musikalisches Wurfelspiel" -- Mozart Musical Dice Game, A Web Inplementation by John Chuang |

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