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"For Me, this is the Best Chess-Puzzle!" by Mario VELUCCHI - Pisa (Italy)
NON-Dominating Queens Problem 'Placing N Queens on an order-N board to leave a maximum number of unattacked vacant cells' last revision: December 16, 1998

"Different Dispositions in the ChessBoard" by Mario VELUCCHI - Pisa (Italy)
'How many different dispositions (for rotation or reflection) I have in an order-N chessboard, if I place K Queens (or in general K Pieces)?' last revision: December 07, 1998

Biblio COVER
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"MATH Chess & RETROS Bibliographical ReSource" project by Mario VELUCCHI - Pisa (Italy)
I work for a Second edition ... Welcome Your contribution!

All Kinds ... COVER
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"All Kinds ... Best if Unusual" series of my irregular booklets with my published original Chess Problems and Puzzles.
Available on request for just few dollars for costs

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