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This is a second PRIZE CONTEST, connected to my magazine PUZZLE FUN,
number 21, page 21 from AUGUST 1999

The prize will be 10 numbers of PUZZLE FUN magazine.
I will consider all the solutions I received by letter until December 31, 1999.

Cheer, Rodolfo M. Kurchan

Cutting Squares I:
#1Divide the squares of 10x10, 11x11 and 12x12 in the least quantity of pieces, that reordering the pieces you can form a 13x13 and 14x14 square.
Example: Here is with only 10 different pieces:

Cutting Squares II:
#2If allow that you use copies of only one shape, the solution would be using 365 squares of 1x1. But what is the least quantity of pieces needed if only 2 shapes are allowed?

Cutting Squares III:
#3As 2) but you can use only 3 different shapes.
Example: Here is a solution with 39 diferent pieces:

I used 33 , 4 and 2 , so 33 + 4 + 2 = 39 pieces.

Cutting Squares IV:
#4As 2) but you can use only 4 different shapes

Cutting Squares V:
#5As 2) but you can use only 5 different shapes.

Send me the 5 solutions. The one who uses the least quantity of pieces will be the winner.

Solutions write to (until December 31, 1999):

Rodolfo Marcelo Kurchan / Lavalle 3340 21"3" / (1190) Buenos Aires - Argentina
eMail: rodolfo@kurchan.com.ar

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