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LIST OF AVAILABLE MATERIAL by Prof. David Singmaster

Last updated on 1 October 1996. Over the past 25 years I have compiled materials for teaching and for my own interests. I am happy to share these with interested people. Titles here are descriptive and may vary slightly from what is on the document. Copies at hand may vary in format, date and number of pages, since files are constantly being updated. GENERAL LISTS AND INFORMATION SHEETS
  • My publications. 12pp.
  • List of my notes for classes, etc. 5pp. (These cover calculus, algebra, number systems, programming, history, etc.)
  • Cubic Circular information sheet.
  • Recreations in Mathematics Series information sheet. 2pp.
  • Sources in Recreational Mathematics information sheet.
  • Lecture Titles. 2pp.
  • Secondhand Scientific Booksellers. 8pp.
  • Addresses of Puzzle Suppliers, Magazines, Societies, Museums. 31pp.
  • Mathematical Address List. This lists 423 departments of mathematics, statistics, computing, etc., in the UK and Ireland. Master file, with selection keys for subject, institution type and location, is 43pp. A 2pp information sheet gives details.
  • Computer Cubists. (Mostly old, but I have started to update it.) 3pp.
  • Books on Mathematics, etc. 18 pp.
  • Books on Recreational and Popular Mathematics. 9pp.
  • Magazines and Periodicals. 2pp. (The above three lists include material from estates of Don Mansfield, J. H. Cadwell, Victor Meally, Ruth K. Tobias and Cecil M. Collins.)
  • Spare Books. General books of mine and of my wife. 2pp.
  • Spare Puzzles for Sale or Trade. 3pp.
  • Books, Puzzles, etc., Wanted. 14pp.
  • Rubik's Cubes and Other Puzzles. 45pp.
  • Bibliography of Rubik's Cube and Related Puzzles. 61pp. (I haven't been keeping up on this - it has mostly material up through 1982.)
  • Books on Recreational Mathematics, etc. Approx 4303 items + 67 old books. 110pp. Dec 1994. EXHAUSTED, new version to be done soon. Currently approx. 4763 items + 84 old books on 124pp.
  • Books on Language. 11pp.
  • Miscellaneous Humour Books. 14pp.
  • Cartoon Books. 2126 items. 33pp.
  • Miscellaneous Information and Quiz Books. 8pp.
  • Mathematical Posters. 4pp.
  • Little Russian Books. 2pp.
BIBLIOGRAPHIES AND INDEXES - see also Catalogues of my Collections CHRONOLOGIES The first six cover some general history of the culture as well as the history of mathematics in the culture.
  • Egypt. 3p.
  • Babylonia. 6pp.
  • Greece. 12pp.
  • China. 15pp.
  • India. 4pp.
  • The Middle Ages - From the Greeks to the Renaissance. 29pp.
  • Recreational Mathematics. 17pp.
  • History of p. 7pp.
  • History of the Calendar. 9pp.
  • History of Time Keeping. 6pp.
  • Mersenne and Fermat Numbers. 3pp.
  • Development of Number. 9pp.
  • Development of Computing. Printed in Jun 1996, 71 pp.
  • Development of Modern Algebra. 16pp.
  • Notes on Newton, including chronologies of his life and times. 20pp.
  • Babbage Chronology. 10pp.
  • A Mathematical Gazetteer. Version of 2 Oct 1995. 136pp.
  • Visit guides to Cambridge, Greenwich and the Science Museum. 8/5/3 pp. Based on the previous item, but now several years old.
  • Notes on the History of Science and Technology in London. 1st preliminary version, Jul 1995, 148pp.
  • A Register of Relics. A collection of notes on religious relics. 75pp.
  • List of Teacher-Pupil connections in mathematics. 5pp.
  • Projects for Students. 16pp. c50 projects for BSc 4 and MSc students, many of which involve computer searching.
  • Notes on Polyhedra and Their History and Introduction to the POLYPACK program. 47pp.
  • Proceedings of the First UK Meeting on the History of Recreational Mathematics. At South Bank University, 24 October 1992. Papers by John D. Beasley, R. C. Bell, C. G. Lewin, David Singmaster. 45pp.
  • Is left really right? - Reasons for driving on the left. 23pp. Needs revision.
  • A term in China (Spring 1989). 62pp. (Since reformatted to 49pp.)
  • Puzzle collecting in China. 2pp.
  • Quotations on round pegs in square holes, etc. 2pp.
  • Sliding Block Puzzle Circular: No. 1, 10pp.; No. 2, 4pp.; No. 3, 2pp.; No. 4, 8pp.
  • Some early sources in recreational mathematics. 9pp. A version appeared in: Mathematics from Manuscript to Print, OUP, 1988, pp. 195-208.
  • Solutions of two river crossing problems: The jealous husbands and the missionaries and the cannibals. 1988, 14pp. A shorter version appeared in Math. Gaz. 73 (No. 464) (Jun 1989) 73-81. With Ian Pressman.
  • Problems to sharpen the young. An annotated translation of Propositiones ad acuendos juvenes ... attributed to Alcuin of York. Extended and revised version of Oct 1995, 28pp. A version appeared in Math. Gaz. 76 (No. 475) (Mar 1992) 102-126. With John Hadley.
  • The hundred fowls, or, how to count your chickens. 8pp.
  • The n-dimensional law of cosines. 7pp.
  • Generalized diagonal sums in Pascal's triangle. 7pp.
  • Pick's theorem - by Pick. Translation of part of Pick's paper with some comments and bibliography. 6pp.
  • Sum = product sequences. 4pp.
  • Medieval and Renaissance recreations in mathematics - slide lecture. Details of the slides and their sources. 2pp.
  • An historical tour of binary and tours. Extended lecture notes for my talk at the First European Congress of Mathematics, Paris, 1992. 9pp.
  • The unreasonable utility of recreational mathematics. As above. 6pp.
  • Coconuts. The history and solutions of a classic diophantine problem. 20pp.
WANTS Rubik's Cubes with unusual patterns or shapes, especially with advertisements or from the Far East or East Europe. Cube covers. Twiddle. Meba (USA). Instant Insanity or Tantalizer puzzles. Avalanche. Game Jugo (Japan?). Wit's End (Hong Kong). Orion. Chessboard dissections. Richter 'Anchor' stone puzzles. Dissected cubes or dice.

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