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Last amended 4 agosto 1996. Accents and umlauts may be missing. GENERAL INTERESTS. History of Mathematics, Computing and Science. Recreational mathematics, puzzles, games, etc. Photo Quiz puzzles or party games. Mathematics: combinatorics, number theory. Word games and puzzles, riddles. I am always interested in books on the above topics for my own list of books for trade or sale as well as for particular colleagues. Humour, especially cartoons and limericks. English language, word origins, British-American, scientific words. London, particularly science and technology in London. Odd facts - e.g. Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Genealogy of the Zang(e)meister/Singmaster family in Germany/USA. Art, archaeology, mathematics and art, geometric patterns and ornaments, Iznik tiles and pottery. Photography, e.g. some of the Sierra Club/Ballantine paperbacks are wanted. Stereo cards. Underwater photography and archaeology, fish, shells. Works by R. Austin Freeman and some similar detective fiction. Anything about tassel-making, particularly concerning the name 'posamentier'. o/o indicates 'on order'. HB indicates that only the hardback version is wanted. For older works, the data on publisher, place and date usually refer to only one edition and there may well be other editions or reprints which I would be interested in. I am usually looking for cheap reading copies. I have recently found that many items are listed in Books In Print, in the US and/or the UK. I have added further details including ISBNs to these and I can obtain those that are in print relatively easily - but some are much more expensive as new reprints than I would expect a second-hand copy to cost and some are apparently out of print even though they are still listed. Some items have cryptic notes at the end in [ ] indicating my source of information. GENERAL. The Blue Plaque Guide. Journeyman Press. œ6.50. The Pattern of English Building. [Marcus] The Royal Navy Book of Fairies. c1920. [Mrs Dale.] Boris Artzybasheff. As I See. Dodd, Mead, NY, 1954. Axis in Agony & War Posters. Wickwire Spence Steel Co., NY, 1944 & c1942. W. N. P. Barbellion, intro. by Deborah Singmaster. The Journal of a Disappointed Man and A Last Diary. Hogarth Press (Chatto & Windus), 1984. Phineas T. Barnum. The Humbugs of the World. 1866. [Klein, p. 49.] Want a cheap copy. Hale Bellott. History of University College London. c1920. Stella Benson. Several books by her. The Far-Away Bride. I Pose. John M. Berdan, ed. Fourteen Stories from One Plot; Based on "Mr. Fothergill's Plot". OUP, NY, 1932. [Flesch, p. 237.] P. C. D. Brears. The Collector's Book of English Country Pottery. Arthur C. Clarke. Ascent to Orbit. Ed Cray. Bawdy Ballads. Omnibus Press, 0 7119 18058, œ8.95. R. M. Dorson. Land of the Millrats. Harvard U. P., 1981, 0-674-50855-6, $28. "Elizabeth" von Arnem, ed. by Deborah Singmaster. The Pastor's Wife. Everyman (Dent), 1993. Rudolf Flesch. The Art of Plain Talk. The Art of Readable Writing. Richard Ford. Murray's Handbook for Spain. Murray, 1845 or reprint. Stephen Fovargue. A New Catalogue of Vulgar Errors. 1767. [Dickson & Goulden] P. Garner. Better Living Catalogue, 1983. Utopia: Products for a Better World, Delilah Books, NY, 1984. (Games, Aug 1984.) Siegfried Giedion. Mechanization Takes Command. OUP, NY, 1948. [Flesch, pp. 49 & 237.] Want a cheap copy. Lady Edith Gordon. Winds of Time. E. Gray. Bawdy Ballads. Blond, 1970. (Can this be Ed Cray??) F. Grieg. Heads You Lose and Other Apocryphal Tales. Crown, NY, 1982. F. W. Hackwood. Christ Lore - The Legends ... 1902. Gordon Press (see under Bombaugh), 0-87968-861-0, $59.95. Wrote, 12 Oct 90. William Hartston & ??. The Ultimate Irrelevant Encyclopedia. Unwin, 1984. Daniel W. Hering. Foibles and Fallacies of Science. Van Nostrand, NY, 1924. Michael Hodgetts. Secret Hiding Places. Veritas Publications, 7-8 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, 1989. [Hajek] D. J. Jacobson. The Affairs of Dame Rumor. Rinehart, NY, 1948. R. V. Jones. Reflections on Intelligence. Heinemann, 1989. Cyril Kersh. The Revelations of Minnie Ashe. [Weekend Telegraph (18 Aug 90) XI] Alexander Klein, ed. Grand Deception. The Double Dealers. Lippincott, 1955 & 1958. Osbert Lancaster. Cartoon History of Architecture. John Murray or Book Club Associates, 1975 or later. Kenneth Lasson. Mousetraps and Muffling Cups. [S. Morris.] Vernon Leigh (Lee??). Duchess Adelaide. Don Lemon. Everybody's Scrapbook of Curious Facts. c1891. [May, p. 1. Lemon, 1892.] A. J. Liebling Chicago, the Second City. Greenwood Press, 0 8371 7113 x, œ13.95. o/p?, o/o?? The Republic of Silence. London County Council. Indications of Houses of Historical Interest, vol 2, 1910. (Or parts 13, 14, 15, 17, 19.) Ashley Montagu & Edward Darling. The Prevalence of Nonsense. Harper & Row, 1967. Hal Morgan & Kerry Tucker. More Rumour. Penguin, 1987, 0-14-009720-1, $3.50. o/p. George Jean Nathan & H. L. Mencken. The American Credo. 1920. Have 1927 extended version. Elizabeth Nicholas. Madeira. 1940s? [Dodd] Iona Opie. The People in the Playground. OUP, 1993. Iona and Peter Opie. The Nursery Companion. OUP, 1980. David J. Parnes & Harold F. Harding, eds. A Source Book for Creative Thinking. Scribner's, NY, 1962. [Dowlen] I. Platts. The Book of Curiosities. Leary & Getz, Philadelphia, 1856. [Rodgers.] Theodore (T. F.) Powys. Rosie Plum. Left Leg. Father Adam. Fables? The Market Bell? Two Thieves. White Paternoster and Other Stories. Cheap copies wanted of most of his books. E. Prisse (d'Avennes). Arab Art. Al Saqi Books, London, 1983. ??-Is this worth the price?? Peter & Marjorie Quennell. History of Everyday Things. W. Pett Ridge. Mord Emly. [Weekend Telegraph (18 Aug 90) XI] Robert Ripley. Believe It Or Not 2nd series (HB, 1931), 35th Anniversary Believe It or Not! (HB, 1954), Mammoth Believe It or Not! (HB, 1955) - all Simon & Schuster. Pocket Books series nos. 3, 7-10, 12, 16-17, 20, 22-23, 25-29, 31+. You'll Never Believe It; Virgin, 1993, œ12.99. Waiting for info from Ripley Museum. Waverley Root. Herbs and Spices. Simon & Schuster, 1980?, 1985?; reprint by Van der Marck Editions, 1133 Broadway, Suite 1301, New York, NY, 10010, Tel: 212-645 5150. PB, 0-912383-08-9, $16.95. o/o ?? The Food of Ancient Greece and Rome. Nicholas Shakespeare. Londoners. [Weekend Telegraph (18 Aug 90) XI] Karl Shaw. Gross. Virgin, 1993. Sierra Club Books. Grand Canyon. Kauai. The Last Redwoods. Sierra Club, 730 Polk St., San Francisco, California, 94109. Jerry Silverman. The Dirty Song Book. Stein and Day, 1982. [Rodgers.] Elsie Singmaster. Some works by her. John Alden Singmaster. A Handbook of Christian Theology. United Lutheran Publishing House, Philadelphia, 1927. Other works? ? Tillyard. Aristocrats. Vintage Press. E. S. Turner. A History of Courting; HB (have PB). Gallant Gentlemen. Some of his other books. Mark Twain. Complete Essays. [Al P.] Charles Walker. Strange Britain. Brian Trodd, London, 1989. [Dalgety] Ascan Westermann. Ein Jahrhundert aus der Geschichte der Familie Zangemeister, 1415-1521. Heidelberg, 1911. (Have xerox.) Terence de Vere White. Some works. Edith Wharton. A Motor Flight Through France. o/o. Zangemeister & Westermann. Die Familie Zangemeister seit der Mittes des 18. Jahrhundert. K”nigsberg i. Pr., 1907. (Have xerox.) DETECTIVE FICTION. Anonymous? Meet the Detectives. Allen & Unwin, London, 1935. [TTF 3, p. 45.] Anonymous? Great Unsolved Crimes. Hutchinson, 1935. Clifford Ashdown. Further Adventures of Romney Pringle. Oswald Train, Philadelphia, 1970. Agatha Christie. Partners in Crime, 1929. [TTF 20, p. 21.] Randall Collins. The Case of the Philosophers' Ring by Dr. John H. Watson. Crown, NY, 1978. [Kanigel, p. 110]. John M. Dirckx. Dr. Thorndyke's Dilemma. Aspen Press, 1974. [University of Dayton Student Health Service, 300 College Park Avenue, Dayton, Ohio, 45469.] [TTF 1, p. 25.] R. Austin Freeman. Dr. Thorndyke's Crime File. Dodd, Mead & Co., 1941. The Exploits of Danby Croker. Duckworth, 1916. The Golden Pool. Cassell, 1905. Univ. of London Press, 1939. The Great Portrait Mystery. Hodder & Stoughton, 1918. The Mystery of 31, New Inn. Hodder & Stoughton, 1912. Pontifex, Son and Thorndyke. Hodder & Stoughton, 1931. The Shadow of the Wolf. Hodder & Stoughton, 1926. The Unwilling Adventurer. Hodder & Stoughton, 1913. When Rogues Fall Out. Hodder & Stoughton, 1932. [US title: Dr. Thorndyke's Discovery.] See also: Clifford Ashdown, Jack Wylde. E. Queen, ed. The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes. 1944. [NOT the 1989 version ed. by S. Wolfe.] Cheap copy wanted - if such exists. Erik Rosenthal. The Calculus of Murder. St. Martin's Press?, c1986. Edgar W. Smith, ed. Profile by Gaslight. Includes "The Other Friendship" about Dr. Thorndyke. [TTF 1, p. 31.] Bill Waddell. The Black Museum. Little Brown, 1994, œ16.99. [Focus (Mar 1994)] Alfred C. Ward. Sherlock Holmes versus John Thorndyke and Reginald Fortune. Gaby Goldschneider, Windsor, 1972. Jack Wylde. The Crime of the Crimson Window, The Clue of the Seventh Stain, The Mirror of Death, The Case of the Mandarin's Mask, The Horror of Beacon Grange, The Silent Witness, The Yellow Cord, The Whispering Death. Aldine Detective Tales, No. 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 17, 19. 1922. The Crime of the Green Carnation, The Lantern of Death, The Trial of the Tattooed Man, The Sixteen Gang. Jack's Paper (Oct 1922 - Jan 1923). LANGUAGE. Anonymous. The Enigmatical Repository. Norwich. 19C. (Possibly a periodical??.) [WS] Anonymous. Thesaurus Aenigmaticus. London, 1725+ or later. [WS] E. Andrews. History of Scientific English. NY, 1947. Issac Asimov. More Words of Science. C. C. Bombaugh. Gleanings for the Curious from the Harvest Fields of Literature. Lippincott, 1874, ?, 3rd ed. 1890. (Have Oddities and Curiosities ...) Gordon Press, PO Box 459, Bowling Green Station, New York, NY, 10004. Tel: 718-624 8419. 0-8490-2037-0. $59.95. Wrote to publisher, 12 Oct 90. Facts and Fancies for the Curious. Lippincott, 1905. Dimitri Borgmann Beyond Language. Scribner's, 1967. T. A. Bott. How to Make Crosswords. Quality Press, London, 1944. [WS] William Dobson. Literary Frivolities and Poetical Ingenuities. 1880s. [Espy] Henry E. Dudeney. The World's Best Word Puzzles. Daily News, London, 1925. [WS] Bergen Evans. Comfortable Words. Random House, NY, 1962. [Espy] John S. Farmer. Americanisms Old and New. James Glassford. Sphinx Incruenta: or, Two Hundred and Twelve Original Enigmas and Charades. London, 1835. [WS] L. Hake. Enigmatical Recreations. London, 1837. [WS] J. W. Hassell Jr. Amorous Games. Translation of Les adevineaux amoureaux of 1470s. Univ. of Texas Press for Amer. Folklore Soc., 1974. [WS]. William S. Huff. Homonym, Homonym, Homonym. 1985. J. W. Jones. Riddles, Charades, and Conundrums. With a Preface on the Antiquity of Riddles. London, 1821. Harvey Kurtzman. Harvey Kurtzman's Fun and Games. Fawcett Gold Medal. [Rodgers.] Alan Mackay. A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations. Adam Hilger, 1991, œ9.50. Ronald B. McKerrow. Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students. OUP, 1927, 0-19-818103-5. $24.95. William & Mary Morris. Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins. Harper & Row, NY, 1977. [Espy] I. S. Olveoll. Enigmas of Every Variety. London, 1872. [WS] Ken Parkin. Anthology of English Tongue-Twisters. Samuel French, London, 1969. [Rodgers.] Eric Partridge. A Critical Medley. Ayer, 0-8369-5680-x, $19. Words, Words, Words. Ayer, 0-8369-5365-7, $21. Wrote Ayer Co., PO Box 958, Salem, New Hampshire, 03079, 12 Oct 90. Literary Sessions. English Gone Wrong. Some others? Mary Pilkington. A Collection of Enigmas, Charades, Riddles, Etc. London, 1813. [WS] George Puttenham. The Art of English Poesie. 1589. Any version. [Cuddon] H. Sutcliffe & H. Berman. Words and Their Stories. Voice of America, Washington, DC, 1978. W. Taylor. Arabic Words in English. S.P.E. Tract #38, 1933. Mark Twain. English as She is Taught. Fisher Unwin, 1887. [Knowledge 10 (Jul 1887) 213]. William S. Walsh. Handy-Book of Literary Curiosities. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1892, 1904, etc. HUMOUR. Charles Addams The Addams Family. (Have The Addams Family Album, Hamish Hamilton.) HB versions of: Drawn and Quartered (o/o); Mother Goose; Nightcrawlers. Reinhold Aman. How Do They Do It? Maledicta Press, 1983. [Rodgers.] Peter Arno. Peter Arno's Parade (US edition). The Bedside Tales. For Members Only. Peter Arno's Favorites. Whoops Dearie. Isaac Asimov & John Ciardi. Limericks: Too Gross. Norton, 1978. Paul Dickson. Jokes. Delacorte Press, 1984. [Gardner's Whys, p. 76] A. P. Herbert. Bardot, M.P.? Art Hoppe. Several later books by him. Stacy V. Jones. Inventions Necessity is not the Mother Of. Allen & Unwin, 1975. Walt Kelly. Most Pogo books. Available from Ultramarine Publishing Co., PO Box 303, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, 10706. Tel: 914-478 2522. (UK dist??) But I see that Simon & Schuster is reissuing them. Osbert Lancaster. Pocket Cartoons, 1948 & 1949. A Pocketful of Cartoons, 1949. Cartoon History of Architecture. John Murray or Book Club Associates, 1975 or later. Richard Lederer. Get Thee to a Punnery. (Sallows.) Mad Magazine books. Signet. 25: Burning Mad, 1968. 27: Hopping Mad, 1969. Warner. 31: The Polyunsaturated Mad, 1971. 33: The Non-Violent Mad, 1972. 34: The Rip-off Mad, 1973. 35: The Token Mad, 1973. 41: The Vintage Mad, 1976. 48: Mad Clowns Around, 1978. 49: A Mad Treasure Chest, 1980. 50: Mad Sucks, 1979. 51: Super Mad, 1979. 52: The Abominable Snow Mad, 1979. 53: Mad About the Buoy Book, 1980. 54: Mad for Kicks, 1980. 56: Pumping Mad, 1981. 58: Eggs-Rated Mad, 1981. 60: The Explosive Mad, 1982. 61: Mad Barfs, 1982. 63: Mad About Town, 1983. 66: Stamp Out Mad, 1984. 68: Monster Mad, 1985. 69: The Plaid Mad, 1985. 70: Son of Mad Sucks, 1985. 73: Big Hairy Mad, 1986. 74: The Wit and Wisdom of Mad, 1987. 75: Mad Duds, 1987. 76: Til Mad Do Us Part, 1987. Mad Blasts, 1988. The Mad Cooler, 1988. The Spare Mad, 1988. Mad in a Box, 1989. Mad Jackpot, 1989. Soaring Mad, 1989. Weather Mad, 1990. The Ages of Mad, 1990*. Aimless Mad, 1990. Unstoppable Mad, 1992*. Mad Around the World. Mad's Turned-on Zoo. HB. 6A: Mad Forever, Crown, NY, 1959. 7A: A Golden Treasury of Mad, Crown, NY, 1960. 25A: The Ridiculously Expensive Mad, World, NY, 1969. Sergio Aragones. 6: Shootin' Mad, 1979. Mad's Sergio Aragones on Parade, 1982 (oversize PB). More Mad Marginals, 1985. 10: More Mad Pantomimes, 1988. Mad as Usual, 1990. Dave Berg. 7: Dave Berg Looks Around, 1975. Dave Berg's Mad Trash, 1977 (oversized). 8: Mad's Dave Berg Takes a Loving Look, 1977. 12: Mad's Dave Berg Looks at Our Planet, 1986. 13: Mad's Dave Berg Looks at Today, 1987. Roger Kaputnik and God. Paul Coker Jr. The Mad Pet Book, 1989. Dick de Bartolo. The Mad Book of Sex & Violence & Home Cooking, 1983. Here's Mad in Your Eye, 1984. Mort Drucker. Mort Drucker's Mad Show Stoppers, 1985 (oversize). Don Edwing. Mad's Bizarre Biz, 1987. Mad's Sheer Torture, 1988. Mad Fantasy, Fables & Other Foolishness, 1989. Duck Edwing's Mad Ventures of Almost Superheroes, No. 2, 1990. John Ficarra & Paul Coker Jr. The Mad Book of Fears and Phobias, 1985. Stan Hart et al. A Mad Guide to Parents, Teachers & Other Enemies, 1985. Mad's Fast Look at Fast Living, 1987. Frank Jacobs. Mad Goes Wild, 1974. Get Stuffed with Mad, 1981. Mad Goes to Pieces, 1984. Mad Zaps the Human Race, 1984. Mad's Believe It or Nuts, 1986. Al Jaffee. Clods' Letters to Mad, 1974. Mad's Al Jaffee Spews Out Still More Snappy Answers to Stupid questions, 1976. Al Jaffee's Mad Inventions, 1978. Mad's Al Jaffee Freaks Out, 1982. Willie Weirdie Scares the Pants off Al Jaffee, 1982. Mad's Vastly Overrated Al Jaffee, 1983 (oversized). Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, No. 5, 1984. Mad's Very Best Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, 1986. Once Again Mad's Al Jaffee Spews Out Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, 1987. Al Jaffee Sweats Out Another Book, 1988. Mad's All New Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, 1989. Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions, No. 7, 1989. Al Jaffee Meets His End. Rotten Rhymes and Other Crimes (with Meglin). Al Jaffee Goes Bananas. Al Jaffee Meets Willie Weirdie. Al Jaffee Gets His Just Desserts. Al Jaffee: Dead or Alive. The Ghoulish Book of Weird Records. Tom Koch, et al. The Mad Weirdo Watcher's Guide, 1982. The Mad Self Improvement Yearbook, 1985. History Gone Mad, 1989. Don Martin. Don Martin Carries On, 1973. The Completely Mad Don Martin, 1974 (oversized). Don Martin Grinds Ahead, 1981. The Adventures of Captain Klutz II, 1983. Nick Meglin. A Mad Look at the 50's, 1985. A Mad Look at the 60's, 1989. Paul Peter Porges. Mad Lobsters and Other Abominable Housebroken Creatures, 1986. Antonio Prohias. Mad's Big Book of Spy vs Spy Capers and Other Surprises, 1982 (oversized). Mad's Spy vs Spy, 1978. Sixth Mad Spy vs Spy, 1989. Mad Spy vs Spy: The Updated Files, 1989. Larry Siegel. Mad Clobbers the Classics, 1981. Lou Silverstone, et al. The Mad Book of Horror Stories, Yecchy Creatures & Other Neat Stuff, 1986. The Mad Tell-It-Like-It-Is Book, 1983. J. B. Morton ["Beachcomber"]. Many works. "Flann O'Brien" [= "Myles na Gopaleen" = "Miles nagCopaleen" = Brian O'Nolan = Briain à Nuall…in]. Myles Before Myles. PUNCH. The Pick of Punch. 1992. Hugh Rowley. A Second Series of Puniana. Chatto & Windus, c1874. [Mackay] Charles Schulz. Peanuts Treasury. A Boy Named Charlie Brown. Peanuts Classics. Snoopy's Grand Slam. Classroom Peanuts. You're the Guest of Honor, Charlie Brown. Later Peanuts Parade books, except 29. All by Holt, Rinehart & Winston or Henry Holt. Posy Simmonds (& Hilaire Belloc). Matilda. Chocolate Wedding. Cape, 1991. Adrian Stephen. The 'Dreadnought' Hoax. Chatto & Windus (The Hogarth Press), 1983. James Thurber. The Great Quillow. Rise and Shine. The Seal in the Bedroom. G. B. Trudeau. Rap Master Ronnie(??), 1986. Death of a Party Animal, 1986. Comic Relief: Drawings from the Cartoonists Thanksgiving Day Hunger Project, 1986. The Doonesbury Stamp Album, 1990. I'd Go with the Helmet, Ray. MATHEMATICAL RECREATIONS, PUZZLES, GAMES, ETC. Anonymous [William Clarke?]. The Boy's Own Book. Almost all editions wanted, especially 1st ed of 1828, and editions from 1849-1857 and 1876- 1878. Anonymous. Endless Amusement. A Sequel to The Endless Amusement. Thomas Boys & Thorp & Burch, London, c1818. [Have poor copies.] Anonymous. Evening Pastimes or Amusements for Hearths and Homes. Cameron & Ferguson, Glasgow, c1870. Anonymous. Games You Can't Win. American Publishing, 1977. Anonymous. Magic and Mystery. Chatto & Windus, c1870. [Mackay] Anonymous. Le Magicien de Soci‚t‚. Delarue, Paris, c1860? Anonymous. Le Magicien des Salons. Early 19C. (possibly a confusion for the previous item??) Anonymous. Le Manuel des Sorciers. Conort, 178?; 2nd ed., Levacher, 1802; 4th ed., Ferra Jeune, 1815; 5th ed., Ferra Jeune, 1820; 6th ed., Ferra Jeune, 1825. (NUC). Anonymous. La Mille et un Amusements de Soci‚t‚. Delarue, paris, c1860. Anonymous. Nuts to Crack. Broadsheets of puzzles of various sorts. At least 30 appeared. R. Macdonald, 30 Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, London. 1832 to 1861. Anonymous. Physicists Continue to Laugh. Trans. by Larraine T. Kapitanoff. MIR, Moscow, 1968. [Weber, p. 152.] Anonymous. Puzzles: Mathematical, Scientific and Dexterious. John Dicks Press, London, c1875. Anonymous. Puzzles Made Easy. Davis & Moughton, Birmingham and Simpkin, Marshall, etc., London. Unknown author. Where Do We Go From Here? [Palmer, Fourd] Penguin Science Survey 2 (1961). Edwin Abbott Abbott. Flatland. Early editions. John Paul Adams. We Dare You to Solve This. No. 2. 1972. Morley Adams. Puzzles that Everyone Can Do. Grant Richards, London, 1931. [Hordern; BMC.] H. Ahmad. The Mysteries of Sound and Number. 1902 or 1920. Stephen Ainley. Mathematical Puzzles. Bell, London, 1977. [WS] Jonathan Always. Still More Puzzles to Puzzle You. 1969. Mitsumasa Anno. Anno's Math Games II. Putnam, 0-399-21615-4, $19.95. Anno's Medieval World. Putnam, 0-399-20742-2, $12.95. Dr. Anno's Magical Midnight Circus. John Weatherill, 0-8348-2011-0, $6.50. M. & M. Anno. Anno's Mysterious Multiplying Jar. Putnam, 0-399-20951-4, $14.95. George Arnold (perhaps with Frank Cahill and/or Wiljalba Frikell ?) The Magician's Own Book, London, 1871?. The Sociable, 1858, Dick & Fitzgerald, NY (or John Camden Hotten; Chatto & Windus, London?). Claude-Gaspar Bachet. ProblŠmes Plaisants & D‚lectables qui se font par les nombres. P. Rigaud, Lyon, (1612); 2nd ed., 1624. (Have xerox. I am also interested in the versions revised by A. Labosne, Gauthier-Villars, 3rd ed., 1874; 4th ed., 1879, though they are identical to the 5th ed.) Jeane-Claude Baillif. Superpuzzles. 1979. Other works. W. W. Rouse Ball. Mathematical Recreations and Essays, 2nd ed., 1892 and 8th ed., 1919. W. W. Rouse Ball. R‚cr‚ations math‚matiques et problŠmes des temps anciens et moderns. Translated from English into French by J. Fitz-Patrick, 2nd French ed., A. Hermann, Paris, 1908-1909, (reprinted 1926-1927). Want vol. 2 & 3. (Have 1st ed., 1898; vol. 1, 1908; 1926 reprint in one vol.) D. St. P. Barnard. 100 Braintwisters. A Second Book of Puzzles & Problems. Faber & Faber, London, 1966. Clara Bellew. The Merry Circle. Chatto & Windus, c1870. [Mackay] J. K. Benson. The Pearson Puzzle Book. Pearson, London, c1910. [WS] E. Bergholt. Complete Handbook to the Game of Solitaire on the English Board of Thirty-Three Holes. Routledge, London, 1920, or Dutton, NY, 1921. [WS] "Berkeley". Dominoes and Solitaire. Bell, London, 1890 or Stokes, NY, 1890. [WS] Marie Berrondo(-Agrell). Les Jeux Math‚matiques d'Eurˆka; Dunod, 1979 [Hordern]. Mathematical Games; 1983. Max Black. Perplexities. Cornell U P. 1990. Harry Blackstone. There's One Born Every Minute. Unlosable Bets You Can Make for Fun and Profit. Jove (HBJ), 1976. [Hordern.] David L. Book. Problems for Puzzlebusters. Enigmatics Press, PO Box 11834, Washington, DC, 20008, USA. 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Oct 1898; Aug 1900; Mar 1901; Jan 1902; Mar 1902; May 1902; Jun-Nov 1902; Dec 1902; Feb 1903; Apr 1903, Jun-Nov 1903; Apr 1904; May 1904; Jun 1904; Nov 1904; Dec 1904-May 1905; Jun 1906; Jun-Nov 1908 (Dudeney); Sep 1916. The Circle. Oct 1907-Feb 1910. [Loyd.] Comfort. Nov 1908 - Nov 1909. [Loyd.] Country Life (May 1910) supplement - Dudeney's house. Driff's. 5. Eureka (magazine of the Archimedeans at Cambridge). 1, 3 - 7, 35 - 37, 39 Fairy Chess Review (originally Problemist Fairy Chess Supplement). c1933- c1954. Family Friend. Period 1850-1860 - I have vol. I, III & 1860. Four Star Puzzler. 26, 27, 31, 33+? Fry's Magazine. ?? pp. 480-483 & 569. (Dudeney). Girl's Realm. (Dec 1901?) 183-186; (Jan 1902?) 275-277. (Dec 1909) 183- 186. (Dudeney.) Jack's Paper. 31 Oct, 1 Nov, 5 Nov, 24 Dec 1922; 2 Jan 1923. Jack Wylde stories [JTJSupp]. Ladies' Home Journal. Nov 1901 - Jun 1911. Life, 5 Sep 1949 Maledicta. [Guardian (13 Mar 1991)] Manifold (Univ of Warwick), issues 1 & 2. (Have xerox.) The Masquerade. Southampton, 1797-1802? [WS - has 4th ed, 1812] Mathematical Gazette. 1 - 31, 33 - 43, 61 - 76, 102 - 114, 127 - 241, 243, 310(?) Mathematical Pie. 1, 13, 15, 29, 32, 35, 36. Mathematics in School. 9:6 - 11:6 Mathematics Teaching. 1 - 16, 30, 35, 36, 60 - 63, 66 The Metropolitan. (An irregular serial of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.) 15 May 1901 - 1 Jun 1902. (Loyd puzzles.) [WS]. Observer Magazine (11 Jul 1976). Our Puzzle Magazine (Sam Loyd's). 1907-1909. Pearson's Magazine. Oct & Nov 1912; Apr 1917. Penguin Science Survey. 2 (1961). Penny Pictorial Magazine. (8 Dec 1900) 16-20; (28 Dec 1900) 221-222; (14 Dec 1901) 64-66; (18 Jan 1902) 302. (Dudeney) Popular Computing. 92-95. Popular Mechanics. Dec 1931 - Apr 1933. Popular Science. May 1926 - Feb 1928. The Puzzle Circle (by Sam Loyd). Oct 1907-Feb? 1910. [WS] The Puzzler. Ed. by Hubert Phillips. 26 Oct 1933 - 25 Jan 1934. [WS] Pythagoras (English translation). 16+. The Realist (Paul Krassner, ed.). Many issues wanted. Recreational Mathematics Magazine. Most issues wanted - 1 (Feb 1961) - 14 (Jan/Feb 1964). (Have xeroxes, bound set and issues 2, 4, 5, 12.) Red Magazine. Nov 1912. Rexall Magazine. 1920-1931. (Loyd Jr). Scientific American. Issues from Dec 56 through Jun 59; Dec 69, Jan 70, Feb 70, Apr 70, May 70, Jun 70, Jul 70, Jun 71, Oct 71, Dec 72, Mar 73, Sep 83, Nov 85. Le Scienze. Apr 1982. Scripta Mathematica. 1:1,2 (1932-33); 4:1-4 (1936). Soma Addict. 4 issues, 1970-1972. Sphinx. Ed. by M. Kraitchik, Brussels. 1931-1939. [WS] The Sphinx at Play. Ed. by Hubert Phillips. 1-6 (Jul-Dec 1934). Squib. Issue 1 (Jan/Feb 1993). Strand Magazine. Dec 1926 - Jan 1927. [TTF 20, p. 14.] Sunday Times Magazine (London), 15 Sep, 22 Sep, 6 Oct, 13 Oct, 20 Oct, 27 Oct, 1975. Tit-Bits. 26 Sep 1896 - 2 Apr 1898. (Have xerox of Loyd/Dudeney material.) The Tribune (London). 1906-1907. Weekly Dispatch. 1896-1903. (Have xerox of Dudeney material.) Woman's Home Companion. Sep 1902 - Jan 1915. RECORDS. Marshal Dodge & Robert Bryant. Bert and I Stem Inflation. 1961. [Humour.] Arthur Bliss. Knot of Riddles. Pye/Virtuoso TPLS 13036 (1970). (I have a tape, but without text.) The Clancy Brothers. Live with Robbie O'Connell. Vanguard, 1961. Carl Orff. Entrada. Westminster WGS 8192. Virgil Thompson. Louisiana Story. Turnabout 34534. Ewan MacColl. Radio Ballads: Singing the Fishing (Argo RG 502, 1961); The Travelling People (Argo DA 133, 1964, 1966); The Ballad of John Axon (Argo 474, 1958); Song of a Road (1959); The Fight Game (Argo RG 539, 1963); The Big Hewer (Argo RG 538, 1961). On the Edge (Argo DA 136, 1963). Sweet Thames Flow Softly (Argo (Z)DA 47). Alan Sherman. My Son, The Folk Singer. Other records?? PUZZLES, ETC. I am interested in small batches, up to 12, of almost any puzzle, especially Rubik cubes or variants, which are cheap. Twiddle, especially in wood. Meba. (USA) Instant Insanity or Tantalizer puzzles, especially Symington's Soup? version. Avalanche. Parker Brothers, c1970. Game Jugo. (Japan?) Wit's End. 8 tetracubes, by E. S. Lowe, Hong Kong, early 1970s. Orion (Parker Brothers, 1971). Chessboard dissections. Richter 'Anchor' stone puzzles. Dissected cubes or dice. Rubik's Cubes with unusual patterns or shapes, especially with advertisements or from the Far East or East Europe. Cube covers. 3 by 3 by 3 cubes: from China or Russia; with umbrellas; with faces; with maps of Hawaii; with McVittie's biscuits; with 'Jesus is the Answer' on one face; with queen of hearts and suit symbols; with scenes of Switzerland; Ultimate Cube - with each face divided diagonally into quarters and six colours used (= Parberry's cube??); Die cube with full-face die patterns, hence with only one or no spots on each sticker; Mickey Mouse Cube; Coca-Cola cube; advertising Rodighiero Pneus on the white face; 31mm brown plastic cube. 3 by 3 by 3 variants: 38mm truncated cube; Magic Balls with World Cup symbols or with faces; any of the shapes made in Poland; cornerless version; octagonal prism with rounded edges and only four vertical colours. 2 by 3 by 3 Magic Dominos: with letters; with wheel patterns; with diamonds and ??; with Wonder Woman and Superman on red plastic; with bells and holly and Santa Claus. 2 by 2 by 2 cubes: with symmetric, flower-like patterns; Cubo-octahedron (Tsukuda); Asterix Cube (Ideal Loisirs); for the blind (German); with Gundan (Japanese comic?) characters. 4 by 4 by 4 cube for the blind (German). 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