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The Slocum Puzzle Foundation was established on August 10, 1993 as a nonprofit public benefit Corporation. It was approved by the State of California and the U.S. Government as a charitable and educational Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to educate the public on puzzles, their history, development, and use in various cultures of the world. The Foundation will actively support the use of puzzles for education.
The Foundation will educate the public on puzzles through:
Puzzle exhibitions at museums, libraries, universities, and primary and secondary schools, with emphasis on interactive, hands-on puzzles.
Publication of books, compendiums, and research papers on puzzles, and a Directory of puzzle collectors.
Supporting and encouraging study and research of the history, development, and use of puzzles in various cultures of the world.
Supporting and encouraging communication among puzzle experts, educators, historians, and the public.
Building and maintaining a collection of puzzles and a library to support these activities and to be available for puzzle exhibitions, education, research and study.

The first project of the Foundation was to support a Maze and Puzzle exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Illinois. A large "people maze" and eighty hands-on puzzles challenged visitors to solve all types of mechanical puzzles. Hint books with each puzzle were available to help. Twenty-one cases exhibited 640 mechanical puzzle from the Slocum Collection of all types and ages. The exhibition was open from May 26, 1994 to September 5, 1994. Jerry Slocum was the Curator of the puzzle exhibition. Three quarters of a million people enjoyed the exhibition.
The Second edition of the Directory was the first publication of the Slocum Puzzle Foundation. The Third Edition was published January 1997 and included almost 300 puzzle collectors and over 300 retail stores and mail order sellers.
The Third Edition of the Compendium of Checkerboard Puzzles was published by the Foundation in August 1997. It includes 376 Checkerboard puzzles with solutions, illustrations and historical information for each puzzle.
The History of Puzzles Series was launched in August with the publication of Puzzles from Catel's Cabinet and Bestelmeier's Magazine 1785 to 1823. Almost 100 puzzles from 200 years ago are included. The puzzles are illustrated and translations of the original German descriptions are included. Many puzzles, including burrs, appeared for the first time in these catalogs.
A grant has been given to the Brooklyn Museum of Art as seed money for research leading to an exhibition of the hundreds of mechanical puzzles collected by Stewart Culin for the Museum during the nineteenth century. The research and exhibition will be performed by the students in the New York City Museum School as part of their studies.

We are interested in suggestions of projects to support exhibitions, publications, research and educational activities. We would welcome volunteers to help with the activities of the Foundation. We would also welcome donations of puzzles and puzzle literature and financial support. All gifts are deductible from California and Federal income taxes.

Jerry Slocum, President
The Slocum Puzzle Foundation
257 South Palm Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 - USA
Phone: 310-273-2270; Fax: 310-274-3644

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