Hello You...

Come in and have a seat, take two, if they are small......

Hello... My name is Brad Spencer and I live here, well most of me does, the rest lives in New Albany, Ohio, USA. I used to live in Reynoldsburg, just down the road some.


I really enjoy getting email ... send it to brad@anduin.eldar.org

I also have my own domain and Internet site. Click here to visit my site page.

The boring stuff

I am a married white male in my early 30s with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Ohio Northern University. I obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science at University of Cincinnati.

I currently work at Lucent Technologies, which use to be AT&T Bell Labs/Network Systems. Previous to this I worked at Lucent as a contractor. My contract house was a small company in New Jersey called Access Methods Inc., or A.M.I. This just happens to be the same company as America Megatrends Inc., the ROM BIOS maker for IBM clones.

My wife's name is Carol and she has degrees from Stanford and Duke Universities.

The more interesting stuff

Well, you might find my site's page more interesting then this one. Fans of Japanese animation might find my Anime reviews of some use.

One of the few things which I can claim as interesting, is that I have been to all but 6 U.S. states; all those in green:


I'v also traveled in Canada and a bit of Mexico. Pretty good, considering that my high school class only had 43 persons in it.

I have two younger brothers, both at Moody Bible College. Here is one of their home pages. While at O.N.U. I met Paul Gazella, another Comp. Sci. major with no life. His home page is here.

GIF PICTURE I own one of these. They are a whole lot of fun and would seem to make up for a multitude of sins which exist in the world. Here is a place where you can find out more about the Mazda Miata. Here is the JPEG image that this picture was derived from.

In general....

To say that people who have Computer Science degrees are a little odd is like saying that .... Er... Hmmm... Well... Hmmmm.... Well, anyway, it perhaps goes without saying.

Take television, for example.....

For example, While most people have a least a passing interest in professional sports, I view them as network TV's attempt to screw up my evening television schedule. Of course, as a result of this, I now own a small collection of Anime [here, here, and here, for example].

Or.... you can visit my Anime page, which I will admit is quite a mess right now.

Keeping in form, I am also a fairly big Doctor Who fan [look here, or here]. I have a copy of every Doctor Who story ever aired on PBS. I also watched the recent Doctor Who movie which aired on Fox and enjoyed it.

I also read a lot, and collect several authors. One of my favorite is Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld novels.

More to come later....

Brad Spencer - brad@anduin.eldar.org