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Contained in the following links are various and assorted reviews of the Anime that I own personally.

For those who do not know what Anime is... Put simply it is Japanese animation. If you are still not enlightened.... Anime of old would include the popular Speed Racer series. Today's Japanese is marked by a single word: intense. The program, in question, could be violent, have numerous sexual references or just have extreme behavior.

One might see the appeal....

The criteria use for the reviews is simular in form to most movie reviews done in the U.S.

All of the pictures, except for the Teknoman and Voltron images are by me. One can visit these pictures at the Anime "pixselector" page.

All review content was written by me (brad@anduin.eldar.org) or David Eisman (malerik@jonction.net). Those reviews which also include Daves' content are indicated by a "*" beside them.

Changes to these reviews are now summarized on the changes page.

  1. The Abashiri Family
  2. AD Police Files
  3. 801 T.T.S. Airbats
  4. Akira
  5. All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl, Nuku Nuku
  6. Angel Cop
  7. Armitage III and Armitage III - The Movie
  8. Appleseed
  9. Arcadia of my Youth
  10. Babel II
  11. Baoh
  12. Battle Angel
  13. Big Wars
  14. Bio Hunter
  15. Black Magic M-66
  16. Blue Seed
  17. Bubblegum Crisis
  18. Capricorn
  19. Curse of the Undead: Yoma
  20. The New Cutey Honey
  21. Cybercity Oedo 808
  22. The Dagger of Kamui
  23. Darkside Blues
  24. Demon city Shinjuku
  25. Devil Hunter Yohko
  26. Devilman
  27. Dirty Pair and Dirty Pair Flash
  28. Dominion Tank Police
  29. Doomed Megalopolis
  30. Dragon Half
  31. Dragon Knight
  32. Dragon Slayer
  33. 8Man After
  34. Ellcia
  35. El-Hazard - The Magnificent World and El-Hazard T.V.
  36. Fire Emblem
  37. Fire Tripper
  38. Fight! Iczer-One and Iczelion
  39. Fist of the Northstar
  40. Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals
  41. Galaxy Express 999 and adieu Galaxy Express 999
  42. Gall Force
  43. *Ghost in the Shell*
  44. Giant Robo
  45. The Girl from Phantasia
  46. Golden Boy
  47. Grave of the Fireflies
  48. Grey: Digital Target
  49. Gude Crest
  50. Gunbuster
  51. Gunsmith Cats
  52. The Guyver
  53. here is Greenwood
  54. The Heroic Legend of Arislan
  55. IRIA
  56. The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
  57. Judge
  58. Key - The Metal Idol
  59. Kimagure Orange Road
  60. Kimera
  61. Landlock
  62. The Laughing Target
  63. Legend of Lemnear
  64. Leda - The Fantastic Adventures of Yohko
  65. Lily C.A.T.
  66. Luna Varga
  67. *Macross, series and movies and Robotech*
  68. Madox-01
  69. MAPS
  70. Maris - The Chojo
  71. M.D. Geist
  72. M.D. Geist II - Death Force
  73. Mermaid Forest
  74. Mermaid's Scar
  75. Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
  76. My neighbor Totoro
  77. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  78. New Dominion Tank Police
  79. Night on the Galactic Railroad
  80. Ninja Scroll
  81. Ninku: The Movie
  82. Ogre Slayer
  83. Oh My Goddess
  84. Orguss
  85. Orguss 02
  86. Otaku No Video
  87. Patlabor Mobile Police
  88. Phantom Quest Corp.
  89. Plastic Little
  90. Poltergeist Report (Yuyu Hakusho)
  91. The Professional - Golgo 13
  92. Psycho Diver
  93. Rail of the Star
  94. Ranma 1/2, series and movies
  95. Record of Lodoss War
  96. RG Veda
  97. Riding Bean
  98. Ronin Warriors
  99. Roujin Z
  100. Rupan III/Lupin III
  101. Sailor Moon
  102. *Shadow Skill and Shadow Skill Part 2*
  103. Shuten Doji: The Star Hand Kid
  104. The Slayers
  105. Sonic Soldier Borgman
  106. Sukeban Deka
  107. Super Atragon
  108. Tenchi Muyo, OAV series, T.V. series, movie and other specials, including Pretty Sammy
  109. Teknoman
  110. They were 11
  111. 3x3 Eyes
  112. Tokyo Revelation
  113. Toward the Terra
  114. Twilight of the Dark Master
  115. Ushio & Tora
  116. Vampire Hunter D
  117. Vampire Princess Miyu
  118. The Venus Wars
  119. Voltron: Defender of the Universe
  120. Wicked City
  121. A Wind named Amnesia
  122. Windaria
  123. The Wings of Honneamise, Royal Space Force
  124. Yotoden: Chronicle of the Warlord Period
  125. You're Under Arrest

There is very little Anime on the over the air stations in the U.S, however, the Sci-fi channel runs Anime every Saturday. Here in are my take on some of the Sci-fi channel versions.

It appears that on January 10, 1998 Voltron: Defender of the Universe will not be shown on the Cartoon Network anymore. It appears that it is being replaced by the Robotech series. Robotech will be aired at 4:45pm and 7:45pm Eastern time.

Brad Spencer - brad@anduin.eldar.org