El-Hazard and El-Hazard T.V.

El-Hazard is a world with a lost history. It is almost required, therefore, to be a world of mystery and adventure. Into this world, a number of high school students and one of their teachers find themselves with little hope of getting back to Earth. The principle good guys from Earth are Mokoto Mizuhara, Nanami Jinnai, and Mr. Fujisawa. Katsahiko Jinnai also ends up in El-Hazard, but he is one of the bad guys.

El-Hazard also sports quite a number of native heros and bad dudes.

The four volume OAV series was first. Following that, is the new Wanderers T.V. series. The T.V. series is basically a retelling of the OAV story, with some parts altered. This is apparently similar to the Tenchi Muyo OAV and T.V. series.

GIF imageEl-Hazard - The Magnificent World original OAV series

GIF imageGIF imageEl-Hazard: Wanderers T.V. series

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