El-Hazard - The Magnificent World

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Type: series
Genre: romantic, science fiction, fantasy, lost history
Dub/Sub: Subtitled
Length: ~30 minutes per episode, except E1
Copyright date: 1995
Animation quality: 8
Why: mt, al, n
General overall quality: 8.5
Distributed by:Pioneer Entertainment

Shinonome High is your typical high school, complete with a full compliment of typical students and teachers.

Among the persons at this particular high school is one Katsuhiko Jinnai, a megalomaniac in training. Katsuhiko's latest plan, involving embezzlement, is foiled by his younger sister Nanami and one Makoto Mizuhara. Makoto is your typical popular high school student, and really is somewhat beside himself when Katsuhiko comes after him.

Just as Katsuhiko is about to strike, everything freezes......

Previously that day, a mysterious room was discovered in the basement of Shinonome High. In this room many odd and ancient looking symbols were found.

Makoto leaves the frozen Katsuhiko and is drawn to that mysterious room. As odd lights converge, a pretty young looking girl appears before Makoto. She says that she has been waiting and dreaming of him for 10,000 years and that she was going to send him to El-Hazard.

Thus began Makoto, Katsuhiko, Nanami and Mr. Fujisawa, a teacher at Shinonome, adventures in the strange and magnificent world of El-Hazard.

El-Hazard is a world of lost technology, royal families, "phantom" clans, and rather large buglike enemies called Bugrom. It is also a world with a lost princess, who just happens to look quite a bit like Makoto, who [naturally] ends up impersonating her. It is also a place that contains two very dangerous weapons, The Eye of God, which nearly destroyed the entire planet a long time ago, and a so called Demon named Ifurita. Ifurita has the form of a pretty young looking girl, but she is really a "clockwork" who is able to copy any attack technique that she is subjected to. She is also a slave to the master of her "key".

El-Hazard is truly a magnificent series, which should be enjoyable to almost anyone who is into science fiction and/or fantasy.

There is also a El-Hazard T.V. series.

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