Ranma 1/2

Someone mentioned that I should get some Ranma 1/2, so I did....

Ranma 1/2 is truly one of the most strangest Anime series that one can find. The premise is simple [ya, right!!!]:

  1. In mainland China there is the Jusenkyou Cursed Springs Martial Arts Training Grounds. Anyone who happens to take a dip in any of the springs is cursed to change form whenever cold water is splashed on them. Hot water changes them back.

  2. Ranma ends up acquiring one of the curses. In particular, he falls in a spring named Nyanneechuan or the "Spring of Drowned Girl". When Ranma gets splashed with cold water, he changes into a red haired girl.

  3. Ranma's father, Genma, also has been cursed. He falls into Shonmaoneechuan or the "Spring of Drowned Panda". When he is splashed with cold water, he changes into a panda bear.

  4. For reasons that are not all that clear [mainly because I don't own those particular T.V. episodes, yet], there are three other persons who are also cursed.
    • There is Shampoo, an Amazon, and one of Ranma's fiancee [Ranma has love polygons not love triangles]. She changes form into a cat... Ranma hates cats.
    • There is Ryoga who is in love with Ranma's "primary" fiancee, Akane.... He always seems to be lost, even when he knows where he is. He changes form into a small pig.
    • Finally, there is Mousse. He is in love with Shampoo. He changes form into a duck.
Featured also....

Ranma 1/2 comes in a few different forms. First, there is the original T.V. episodes, which consists of two series, where the initial plots were developed. The first series is 18 episodes long and the second series is 143 episodes long, for a grand total of 161 T.V. episodes. Second, there are the OAVs. An OAV is a direct to video release which has become quite popular in Japan and unlike the U.S. market, direct to video releases are high quality releases. Lastly, there are two full length feature movies.

GIF imageRanma 1/2: T.V. Series 1

GIF imageRanma 1/2: The OAVs

GIF imageRanma 1/2 - The Movie

GIF imageRanma 1/2 - The Movie 2

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