Macross Plus

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Type: series in 4 parts
Genre: Science fiction
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: ~45 minutes
Copyright date: 1994/1995
Animation quality: 9
Why: V, al, as
General overall quality: 9.75
Distributed by:Manga

It is the year 2040 and it has been about 30 years since the events shown in the original Macross series have occurred. Mankind along with the Zentraedi have moved out into the galaxy.

On colony planet Eden, three lives clash:

All three of these people were very close friends in high school, until 7 years ago, something happened between them all, and they all went on their separate ways. Guld blames Isamu for the incident, and his anger towards him is great indeed.

Isamu and Guld are back on Eden to test two new fighters to replace the aging Valkyrie fighter seen in the original series. Isamu is testing the YF-19, a updated, but classic design and Guld is testing the YF-21, which is controlled by a mind link to the pilot. They are on competing sides, both for the project and for Myung.

Myung is brought back to Eden as part of her job as producer to Sharon Apple. However, things are not all as they seem. Sharon is incomplete and her A.I. system is faulty, and only works when Myung is controlling her.

To complete Sharon a highly illegal Bio/Neural chip is installed in Sharon by one of the other members of the staff. Sharon is then sent to Earth to give a concert at the 30 years anniversary of the Space War armistice. The problem is that such Bio/Neural chips are highly unstable, and with it Sharon goes insane.

At the same time, the military completes development of the Ghost X-9, an A.I. operated fighter using technology that is similar to what was installed in Sharon, and Isamu and Guld told that the fighters they are testing will no longer be needed.

Needless to say, the reckless Isamu does not take this well and heads off to Earth in his stolen YF-19 with Guld in hot pursuit in his YF-21.

On Earth, Sharon has managed to hypnotize nearly everyone and has managed to seize control of the Ghost fighter and the Macross Fortress.

While dog fighting on Earth, Guld and Isamu come to terms with the incident 7 years ago, and Myung finds her singing again. All of this set against an out of control Macross Fortress and an insane A.I.

Macross Plus is an exceptional series both from an animation point of view and story and is certainly one that is a "must see".

This series, like most of those before it, has been made into a full length feature film.

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