Lupin III

The Mystery of Mamo

JPEG image Type: movie
Genre: adventure, science fiction
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: 102 minutes
Copyright date: 1978/1995
Animation quality: 6
Why: V, n, mt, al
General overall quality: 7
Distributed by:Streamline Pictures

A body hangs at the end of a rope. The victim's finger prints indicate that the body is that of Lupin III. It appears that the greatest thief in the world has met his end.

The only problem is that Lupin appears to be alive and well and on the trail of exotic treasure. This time, he is after items that have traditionally granted eternal life.

All the standard members of the Lupin universe are involved and this time, Fujiko is working for a mysterious person named Mamo. This Mamo character claims to be 10,000 years old and claims to have the secret of eternal life. To prove his point, he keeps around certain persons from history, such as Hitler.

The wonderful secret which Mamo has is cloning. However, the process is not perfect and has led to a sort of insanity. In particular, he believes himself to be a god.

Lupin does not let something like that stand in his way, however, when Mamo steals Fujiko.

In general, this is a clever piece of anime. There are a lot of chase scenes and the action does not lag. The plot is a little strange, however.

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