Fight! Iczer-One

JPEG image Type: series in 3 acts on two tapes
Genre: Science fiction
Dub/Sub: Dubbed
Length: 60 and 48 minutes
Copyright date: 1985-1986/1992 1987/1992
Animation quality: 7
Why: V, MO, al, as, n
General overall quality: 6.5
Distributed by: U.S. Renditions

At its very worst Iczer-One is just another babes-in-body- armor saving the Earth from other-alien babes.

It is probably a little better then that. You see, the Earth is going to be invaded by the Cthuwulf, an all female race of persons who seem to go about the universe and invade other persons' planets. Earth's only hope seems to lie in the fighting abilities of the rebel Cthuwulf and the power contained in a young human girl named Nagisa Kano. The main problem is that Nagisa does not want to be involved.

Also featured are:

  1. Iczer-Robo - Iczer-One's mecha
  2. Iczer-Two - a sister to Iczer-One, an evil person and the main reason there is not an Iczer-Two series
  3. Iczer-Sigma - the mecha of Iczer-Two
  4. Big Gold - leader of the Cthuwulf, a real big nasty evil thing
  5. Assorted and varied nasty aliens with bug eyes

Fight! Iczer-One reminds me a little of the Teknoman series, perhaps because both sport lots of bug eyed aliens. Although I have not really been able to figure out what audience this particular series is aimed at??

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