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Episode 1: Space/Time Collapse

The show opens with Kei finishing a glorious night with his girlfriend Tina. Kei is about to go off to battle and is giving Tina the "A man's gotta do" speech. He rides off with his best friend Olson.

Humanity is divided into two super powers. As a joint effort, they constructed a huge space elevator which allows things to be placed in orbit without expensive launch vehicles. Upon its completion, the two sides begin fighting over it.

The other side currently occupies the elevator. The side on which Kei and Olson are on has decided to put an end to the squabbling. It has developed a dimension bomb, a device which will open a hole between dimensions, pop the elevator through, close the hole, and thus put an end to the hostilities.

A missile barrage is begun to pin down the elevator's defenses while the bomb is planted at its base. Kei and Olson are piloting Bronco 2 fighter planes, capable of GERWALK operation. They are engaged by enemy air craft while the bomb is being armed (the technicians are uneasy about using the untested bomb) and are unable to disengage before the escape craft leaves.

Kei and Olson face certain death or capture so Kei attempts to disarm the bomb, which would force the techs to return to rearm it. Naturally, the bomb is booby trapped for this sort of thing and goes off. The result is a catastrophe. The bomb fails to work as intended and the entire fabric of space and time is torn apart.

The scene switches to twenty years later. The earth has been altered by the explosion and is now a mixture of elements from its various dimensional parallels. A dimensional barrier has come into being about the planet which nothing can penetrate. It's causing a greenhouse effect and, as the years pass, the temperature keeps rising. From time to time, dimensional disturbances or gates occur, causing the landscape to change as things appear and disappear.

Onboard the Emaan factory ship Glomar, Sray is trying to convince Mimsy to finally marry him before it is too late. They have been engaged for some time yet Mimsy is till waiting.

The Emaan are gypsies. They make their living by salvaging wrecked and abandoned machines. They fix the machines, often modifying them and improving them, and then sell them in markets.

The Emaan, guided by Jaby, arrive over an area in which a gate is due to open (Jaby is sensitive to dimensional shifts, and can often predict them). As the gate opens, Jaby informs Shaya that it is the Tokuiten. Kei's Bronco appears, carried here by the explosion. The fighter is salvaged by the Emaan and an unconscious Kei is sent to sick bay.

Shaya and Mimsy speculate on Kei's origin, deducing that he is probably a Terram (Chiram). Kei regains consciousness and meets Jaby, who turns out to be s sentient form of dinosaur.

The Terram locate the sight of Kei's arrival. They too are looking for the Tokuiten. They find the factory ship and under threat of force demand that the Tokuiten be turned over to them. Kei asks what they mean and Shaya says they are referring to him. Shaya refuses and a battle starts in which it becomes apparent that the Emaan pilots are, for the most part, hopelessly outmatched. Kei doesn't like the Terram attitude and decides to show them a thing or two in his Bronco. Kei has some success but soon has a man on his tail he can't shake. The Terram pilot misses his opportunity however; the sensor informs him that the Tokuiten is in the Bronco. He isn't supposed to destroy his mission objective and while he hesitates, Kei shakes him. The battle eventually ends and Kei, along with the two surviving Emaan pilots Maaie and Lieea, land. Kei finally notices the Emaans' tentacles and realizing they aren't human, calls them monsters.

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