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Episode 18: Sisters

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Manisha arrives to supervise the mission to recapture the Tokuiten. Holding a picture taken when she was younger, she remembers her childhood with Shaya.

Onboard the Glomar, Kei imagines the image of Sray talking to him. Sray says he will never forgive anyone who touches Mimsy. "Why did you die then?", Kei asks. Kei is frustrated and doesn't know what he should do now. He wishes Olson were here to talk with. Mome has been watching Kei talking to himself and when Kei notices her, she says that he hasn't been himself lately. Kei immediately begins demonstrating to Mome that he's the same as he has always been.

Mimsy is back in uniform, although, as she tells Leeia and Maaie, she doesn't feel fully recovered. She sees Kei and Mome playing on the deck, and doesn't understand why she feels so jealous; how can she feel she is competing with a robot?

The Raasu clan captain greets Mimsy (who is also Raasu) and then goes to meet Shaya. He asks Shaya what she intends to do. She says that she wants to get the other Tokuiten and head for the orbital elevator. Using it, they can get closer to reassembling the Daitokuiten. The Raasu captain points out that the elevator is in South America, in Mu territory. Shaya asks the captain whether he will follow her, and he agrees.

Athena finds Olson and greets him, calling him uncle. Olson reminds her that she is a soldier and that it isn't appropriate to address him that way. That deflates her a bit, and she apologizes, saying that she thought it would be OK since no one else was around. Olson is taken back a bit, and apologizes himself. Athena runs back to her mecha, grabs a spare part Olson needs to get his mecha back in working order, and runs back with it. Olson comments that she didn't have to do all that running, but Athena replies that she wanted to see his smiling face again. She then returns to base.

Later that night, Athena goes to the officers' club. While she drinks, two drunk officers discuss her and her "Uncle Captain". Athena confronts them and says that Olson is a traitor and they are not to speak of him again. She leaves the bar, thinking to herself that she is confident that Olson is till working in his own way for the Terram.

A Terram patrol locates the Glomar and reports if to Athena, who in turn reports it to Olson. Robert prepares an attack to kill the Tokuiten. The Toobu also get a report on the Glomar's location.

Meanwhile, the Emaan are having another market. The Toobu show up and Manisha asks to speak with Shaya in person. In spite of Kei's objections, Shaya goes to meet with her sister.

Manisha asks Shaya to please give her the Tokuiten. Shaya says she won't turn Kei over to brainwashers. Manisha loses her temper a bit and reminds Shaya that if they don't brainwash him into repairing the world, the Emaan world will be lost when the Terram do so. She then calms down and asks if Shaya remembers a dog that bit her when she was little. Shaya merely wanted to help the dog. She was lucky the dog wasn't mad. Manisha tells Shaya that she is doing it again, but this time the dog is poisonous. Shaya replies that even so, she would still help it. The sisters say goodbye and Shaya returns to the Glomar.

The Terram show up and all the Emaan band together to fight the common enemy. Olson shows up and the Terram attack him as well. The Raasu captain orders the Glomar to flee while he guards the rear. The Glomar escapes with Olson and Athena following.

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