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Episode 16: My Factory

As he sits out in the park, Kei says aloud that he will have to speak to Olson again.

Leegh arrives at Mimsy's home. As they exchange pleasantries, a pair of Raasu clan soldiers arrive and ask for Kei. Leegh tells them he is with the Toobu clan. The guards are alarmed and say that the Toobu clan intends to brainwash Kei.

Meanwhile, Kei is confronted by Toobu clan soldiers and is arrested after a short struggle.

Mimsy arrives at Shaya's and tells her what she has heard. Shaya says that she has heard about the brainwashing but thinks it's just a nasty rumor. Mome enters and reports that Kei has been captured by the Toobu clan.

Kei is taken before the Toobu clan council. The council head tells Kei that they want to use his power and asks if Kei will cooperate. "Not if you treat me like this!", says Kei. Kei then spots Shaya's sister Manisha, who he at first mistakes for Shaya herself. Kei wonders if he has been betrayed by Shaya. The council head asks again whether he will cooperate. "Absolutely not!", replies Kei. As Kei is bound and gagged, the council head informs Kei that they will get his help whether he is willing or not.

Back at Shaya's house, Leegh explains to the others how the Toobu and Raasu clans began fighting over what to do about the Tokuiten. Mimsy and the others say that Kei is part of their group and they just can't let him get brainwashed. Shaya agrees and says that she will go talk with her sister.

Shaya arrives at Manisha's office and demands to know where Kei is. Manisha won't say at first, and Shaya tries to convince her to let Kei go, arguing that brainwashing is morally wrong. Manisha asks Shaya, "Don't you care about the Emaan? The Terram have found a way to repair the world without the Tokuiten and if this happens, the Emaan world may be lost forever. This is what is likely if the Raasu clan get their way. If the Terram should ever acquire the Tokuiten, our destruction would be almost certain." She then shows Shaya where Kei is and says that by brainwashing Kei, they can assure the survival of the Emaan. Shaya apologizes and says she understands, then decks Manisha. Shaya tells her unconscious sister that she is taking Kei, but she will never let the Terram get him.

Back in the brainwashing room, the doctors are coming to the realization that Kei's will may be too strong to overcome without killing him. They leave to consult with the others and Shaya appears in Manisha's clothes. The guard mistakes her for Manisha and Shaya manages to trick him into leaving his post. Shaya then enters and frees Kei, who says he had almost given up on her.

Manisha recovers and orders people after Shaya and Kei, but the two of them manage to escape.

They meet the others onboard the Glomar. Mimsy approaches and asks Kei if he's OK. "Leave me alone, Emaan!", he says. Shaya says they must leave the Emaan homeland and asks who will follow her. Everyone says they will come and Kei's attitude softens.

As the Glomar begins to depart, Shaya tells Kei that if the Toobu clan had their way, the Terram world would have been lost. Mimsy observes that they can never return, but Shaya says that is unimportant.

The Glomar comes under attack from Emaan fighters. Kei engages and shoots them all down. The door to the city dome is closed to try to prevent their escape, but the Hasai Cannon blows a large enough hole for them to escape.

Back on the bridge Shaya, in a pretty little speech, says that Kei is important to them; he is part of the team and it is their obligation to see to it that he remains free.

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