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Episode 35: Space and Time Reforged

Kei checks in with Manisha, who informs him that Mimsy isn't sick; apparently Kei will be a Daddy sooner than anyone thought (side effect of him being a Tokuiten apparently).

Kei, Olson and Athena rejoin the battle and successfully reach the base of the elevator. Athena fetches the capsule, and Leeia and Maaie begin to make final checks. However, they are interrupted by the Mu forces still within the shaft. Fortunately, Tai arrives and distracts the Mu long enough for the rest of them to start up the shaft. Sadly, Tai is killed, but he hopes to find Mome again in the afterlife (NOTE: Until Orguss 2, where we discover Tai was wisked away from the brink of death, by the leftover dimensional fragmentation).

The five of them fight their way up the shaft as the elevator's weakened structure begins to collapse. The Emaan and Terram vessels withdraw to avoid the falling debris, and Maaie and Leeia blast their way out and away.

All together again, the Emaan discuss the likely outcome of their efforts. Govu is worried; he doesn't think Kei and Olson, both of them Terram, will keep the Emaan interests at heart. But Shaya confidently tells the others that she believes in them.

The Terram watch the space island collide with the cloud of space debris, but the island's trajectory remains unaltered. A tech informs the general. His responsibility to his people weighing heavily on him, he realizes there is nothing he can do now but hope that Kei and Olson keep the future of their people at heart.

Kei, Olson, Athena and Mimsy reach the top of the shaft. Kei leaves the others, and launches Mome's body into space.

Athena says farewell to Olson, but instead of taking her hand, he gives her his sunglasses. "Take care of yourself, and perhaps someday you will find a man to love you. I have to go now...for everyone's sake. Please understand..."

Kei says goodbye to Mimsy, who won't kiss him because if she does, she won't be able to let him go. "I love you!", she cries after him. Athena asks him to take an amulet of her mother with him. "Good luck, father!", she says.

As Kei and Olson fly off in the capsule, Kei says "You know, that's the first time she's called me 'father' instead of 'you bastard'."

Olson replies, "Today is also the first time she's called me 'Olson' instead of 'uncle'."

The space island strikes the Daitokuiten, and the capsule enters the resulting disturbance and lands. Out the window, Kei sees his Bronco fighter and loses his lunch. Olson realizes their proximity to the explosion 20 years ago caused the moments before the explosion to be trapped in some sort of time bubble within the Daitokuiten. In turn, the presence of the bubble caused the instabilities which resulted in the Daitokuiten fragmenting, leading to the current multidimensional chaos.

Kei and Olson leave the capsule and confront their younger selves. The four draw their weapons as one, firing and killing each other. As they die, the bubble is destroyed. The earth and it's parallels are drawn back into their original universes and time streams, throughout which anything and everything is possible...

Not the end...

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