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Episode 8: Runaway

Shaya find Mimsy and asks to speak to her alone. Shaya says that she just got a response to the phone call Mimsy made informing the Emaan homeland that they found the Tokuiten. The Emaan have said that due to political problems, they can render no aid at this time.

Kei, Mimsy and Shaya discuss possible escape routes for eluding the Terram. They decide that fleeing over mainland France would probably be the best. Kei excuses himself to take a bath, and Shaya comments that she's going to take one too.

Kei is taking the bath when Shaya joins him. Kei is embarrassed and leaves. Outside the bathroom, Kei bumps into Mimsy and starts trying to explain what he was doing taking a bath with Shaya. Mimsy explains that the Emaan don't have a taboo against it like the Terram do. Things made clear, Kei boldly asks Mimsy if she'd like to take a bath with him (nice try).

A Terram scout locates the Glomar and the Terram prepare to attack.

Kei finds Mimsy on the deck. Kei comments how pretty it is out and Mimsy agrees. Then Kei romantically declares that the beauty would be eternal with Mimsy at his side. Mimsy thinks Kei is kidding and asks how many girls he has said this to. Kei Professes his sincerity but Mimsy doesn't believe him. In a hurt tone, Kei prepares to dramatically hurl his pop can into the ocean, telling Mimsy that she can believe what she likes "but I want you to know that I..." "Wait!", she cries. She grabs the can out of his hand and explains that the metal can be recycled. Kei, musing to himself, suspects that Mimsy is putting him off. He grabs her by the shoulders and tries to convince her that he means what he says, but she runs off telling Kei that she hates him when he's like this. Kei, musing to himself again, declares his suspicions confirmed. Sray appears and says that he told Kei to leave Mimsy alone. Kei turns to Sray and says if he thinks Mimsy is his woman, why doesn't he protect her.

The Terram arrive and Kei, Leeia and Maaie engage them. They inflict heavy casualties, but they are heavily outnumbered. The defenders are soon scattered and the Glomar comes under aerial bombardment. Shaya attempts to escape by flying away from the ocean over France. The Terram fleet commander decides to try and shoot the Glomar down with missiles rather than allow them a chance to escape. The Terram pilots withdraw, but Kei shoots one down and uses him rather uniquely to deal with the missiles. With the Emaan regrouped and the Terram forces depleted, Robert is forced to call off the attack.

Kei finds Mimsy in the lounge and tells here there's a beautiful sunset and asks her up to the deck to see it. She joins him gladly.

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