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Episode 27: Message

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Leegh complains to his fellow engineers that the parts they are making for the D-system are substandard. They inform him that it is the best they can do because they lack high quality ore samples of the metal used in the manufacture of the parts. Leegh explains the problem to Shaya. A search of the computer's records reveals that a nearby Emaan merchant can provide the samples they need.

Olson asks Shaya why they have changed course; they must get to the space elevator as soon as possible so that the Tokuitens can repair the world, he says. She informs him of the problem and points out that if they don't get the ore samples, the Tokuitens won't repair much of anything. Kei appears, but is unconcerned about the delay; he still isn't too keen on dying. Olson, annoy by Kei's cavalier attitude, reminds him yet again of his "duty" as a Tokuiten.

The Emaan detect Athena's Nikick and attack it. Kei observes the Orguss 2's launching and asks Manisha what is happening. When she tells him, he informs her that this Terram is an ace pilot and a lot of men will die if she doesn't call off the attack. Manisha won't compromise the security of the fleet, however, and refuses to call off the attack. Kei leaves, grabs Olson, flies off, and tells both the Emaan and Athena to stop fighting. Athena is reluctant, and while she hesitates, Olson nervously fingers his trigger. Athena agrees, and flies off with Kei and Olson.

Kei, Olson and Athena land on a nearby beach. Olson tells Athena that he is very serious about his mission; if she hadn't stopped fighting when Kei ordered her to, he would have tried to kill her. This not only shocks Athena, but Kei as well; no mission is worth killing her, Kei says. "This one is.", Olson replies, "NOTHING must stand in the way of it." Athena realizes Olson's mission has completely separated her from the only person she really cares about; she departs heartbroken.

The Emaan arrive at the merchant's place and hold a market. Tai is annoyed at being cooped up on the Glomar, but Mome points out that he is a Mu and his presence would cause a panic. Meanwhile, Shaya and Leegh visit the merchant, who agrees to sell them the ore they need. Unfortunately, the ore is too impure for Leegh to use; the merchant says he sold all of his better stocks to the Terram. The merchant leaves them, calls someone, and informs them that the Emaan fleet is here. He says that, as agreed, he hasn't sold any of the ore, so he expects whoever it is to uphold their end of the bargain.

Henry gives a speech to his subordinates. He vows to kill the Tokuitens and avenge Robert's death. One of the pilots makes the mistake of not wanting to go along with the plan and Henry kills him. Another officer shows up and reports that the Tokuitens have been spotted. Henry and his unit depart to intercept them.

They ambush Kei and Olson over a forest. Olson tells Kei that they are too valuable to risk in combat; they must try to escape. After taking a hit, however, Kei loses his temper and can't resist blowing a few of them up before flying off.

The Terram find the Emaan fleet. The general congratulates them on having come so far, but points out that his fleet is far more powerful than theirs. He tells the Emaan that they must agree to let the Terram participate in their D-system project and support him against the Mu; if they refuse, he will kill them all. Shaya realizes that, aside from the threat from the Terram fleet, they need the metal ore samples the Terram can provide, so she agrees.

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