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Episode 29: Choice

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Shaya, Manisha and Leegh arrive at a Terram research installation. The Terram show them their latest project; a capsule which will allow the Tokuitens to enter the Daitokuiten when the time comes for them to repair the world.

The general arrives and Shaya just stares at him with stars in her eyes. Later, onboard the Glomar, Manisha tells Shaya that she doesn't trust the Terram or their general, but Shaya blissfully assures her that everything will be just fine.

Kei has been sulking ever since Mimsy departed. Olson says, "Forget her. Just think about our mission."

Mome walks in and Kei asks her if she will go to the Emaan city and bring Mimsy back. Mome sullenly tells Kei that it's over 2000 kilometers away and that if Mimsy wanted to come back, she would have done so. Mome runs off, despite Kei's calls after her. Kei tries to follow her and runs in Maaie and Leeia. Kei asks them if they have seen Mome and comments the Mome is really acting strange. Maaie observes, as a depressed Tai walks by, that Mome isn't the only one. Both Mome and Tai are Mu, and since the Mu are now the common enemy, they are feeling like outsiders.

Shortly after that, Kei finds Mome and orders her to get Mimsy. "But, I'm a Mu...", she starts to say, but Kei cuts her off, "You are yourself and that's all that matters. Now go tell Mimsy that if she doesn't come back, I'm gonna hang myself!"

Meanwhile, the Emaan get word that their city is under attack and the Terram promise to help. When word gets to Kei, he tries to go out to find Mimsy himself, but Olson restrains him; they are too important to risk in a battle, Olson reminds him.

Mimsy arrives back home to find that her mother is already dead. Meanwhile, Mome fights her way into the city and tells Mimsy what Kei intends to do if she doesn't come back. Mimsy agrees to return despite the councilor's objections that she is a Raasu and that the whole affair is none of her business.

The Mu continue to advance into the city. Apparently they have developed a sort of dimension teleportation device. Emaan fighters engage them and the Mu are forced to retreat.

Olson must resort to brute force to keep Kei from flying off. Meanwhile Mome and Mimsy are attack by Mu fighters. Kei tries to leave but Olson confronts him yet again. Kei sighs, "Yes, I understand. I'm a Tokuiten and can't risk my life. I'm not going anywhere." He then blindsides Olson, gets in the Orguss, and takes off. Olson recover too late to chase, so he contacts Athena and tells her to make sure nothing happens to him.

Manisha is not pleased when she hears that Kei has gone off to join the fighting, but soon has problems of her own as Mu fighters warp in and attack her fleet. Simultaneously, the Mu attack the Terram military installation where the Tokuiten capsule is stored.

Mimsy manages to hold out until Kei arrives. Kei wastes a few of the Mu fighters, but Mimsy's vehicle is hit and Kei is pinned down trying to protect it. Fortunately, Athena arrives and drives off the attackers.

Manisha is able to shake off her attackers and aid the Terram. The Mu retreat.

Kei and Mimsy happily reunite. Mome comments rather lamely that she has nothing to do, and starts to leave but Kei tells her he is pleased that she has always been there when he's needed her. This cheers her up and she goes dancing out of the room.

Mimsy says, "Kei, when all of this is over, will you visit my mother's grave with me?"

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