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Episode 6: Vanishing Point

Inside the Glomar, the Emaan comment on the fact that some of their food supplies are beginning to run low. Meanwhile Kei finds Jaby on top of the ship. Kei seems to feel a kindred spirit in Jaby as like Kei, he is the only one of his kind around. Jaby begins talking about the good things he used to have before a gate took him from his world. He complains that he hasn't had a grape (his favorite food) in what seems like ages. He sensitivities aroused, he realizes he can smell grapes somewhere nearby.

Jaby convinces Shaya to stop for the grapes. The dimension barrier is too low here, so the Emaan have to drill through the side of a hill. The grapes they find are huge and everyone goes to work harvesting them.

The Terram, even more angered than before by the destruction of their base last Episode, prepare to attack.

Sray says to Mimsy that she shouldn't take such a strong interest in Kei. She replies that Kei is a Terram so there can never be anything between them.

Jaby becomes aware that a gate is about to open over this area and they must flee it. The Emaan go to bring the grapes onboard, leaving Kei and Jaby to talk. Jaby recalls the day he was caught managing two girlfriends at once. Unfortunately for him, he was fooling around with one of them when the other showed up. Jaby fled for his life with one of his girlfriends in pursuit, trying to tell her that he loved her the most. He fell into the ocean, and was picked up by the gate and dropped onto this parallel earth.

The Terram blast their way into the valley. Kei is confident he can deal with them until Mimsy tells him that he is up against about 50 of them. The gate begins to open and Sray begins to move the Glomar out of the valley. Mimsy irrationally tries to stop him as she doesn't want to leave without Kei.

Meanwhile, the battle is not going well for Kei. Although he is a superior pilot, and the Orguss is a superior mecha, he is too heavily outnumbered.

The Emaan notice Mome is missing and try to make sure she is onboard.

Mimsy is able to raise the Terram and alert them to the gate. The Terram agree to finish the fight elsewhere and begin to leave. Kei turns around to return and the Terram realize that there must be another way out of the valley and the Glomar must have gone there. A number of Terram overcrowd attempting to go through the hole after the Glomar and are destroyed, while a fair number are still fighting Kei in the valley.

As the gate begins destroying the valley, Maaie and Leeia report that Mome is not onboard, but by now it is too late to go back for her. Fortunately Kei spots her and picks her up and flies out just as the gate opens. Most of the Terram are caught in the gate and only Robert and his second in command, Henry, escape and withdraw.

The gate closes and where the valley was, a mountain full of monkeys has appeared.

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