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Episode 31: Children

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In the secret room, Kei and Mimsy make love, then relax afterwards. "I'm not Emaan...", Kei says, "What's worse, I'm a" "Don't say it. I am content.", she replies.

After a while, the two get dressed and agree to meet here again tomorrow.

Athena requests permission to come aboard, where she is greeted by Shaya, Olson and Kei. Athena VERY formally introduces herself.

Mimsy collapses in the bathroom. Maaie and Leeia find her and take her to the infirmary. As they watch over her, they bemoan the fact that they have yet to find a mate, but, as Maaie observes, there is no one suitable onboard the Glomar. Poputei arrives and comments that soon Mimsy will be unable to have children. She runs a medical check on Mimsy, and discovers that Mimsy is, in fact, pregnant. Everyone is excited - even Mome who likes the idea so much that she wants to carry a child for Kei as well (the others have to explain the facts of life to her).

News reaches Kei, and soon everyone on board is in the infirmary congratulating Mimsy. Govu is still trying to get SOMETHING named "Gyamon".

Out in the hall, Olson berates Kei for being so irresponsible as to father yet another child, but Kei isn't moved. Athena is horrified. She can't accept the fact that the child will be her sibling, but Kei tells her that no matter what she says, the child will be his and Mimsy's.

Despite his hard words, Kei is still haunted by his conversation with Olson and Athena. Eventually, Kei departs in the Orguss to be alone for a while, but Olson and Athena follow. Kei tells them to go away, but Olson refuses, since Kei is a Tokuiten, he must be protected. Kei relents.

The Terram detect the Tokuitens' departure and have a prime opportunity to try to capture them both, but the commander passes it up. The Terram are getting everything they want from the Emaan and the Tokuitens, so there's no reason to rock the boat.

The three of them are suddenly caught is a gate and wisked away. Mimsy is shocked when she hears, but resolutely believes that Kei will return. The Terram are also, dismayed, but there is little they can do about it.

The gate dumps the trio billions of years in the past, where they are caught in a meteor shower. Kei is especially frantic in his fight for survival; he must return to Mimsy and his child, he says. After the show is over, Olson laughs and comments, "You really are nuts, Kei."

While Kei and Olson jabber on, Athena thinks back on her childhood. One day, she had come crying to her mother. The other kids were teasing her because she didn't have a father. "You have a fine father.", Tina had said, "even though he's far away. Many other peoples' fathers have also gone to fight, you know."

Athena is pulled out of her memories by a shout from Kei, who saves her from being smashed by another meteor. Another gate opens and the trio return to their starting place and time. Mimsy gives Kei and warm welcome, while Athena watches. She turns to Olson and asks, "Was mother really happy?" "She certainly wasn't unhappy.", he replies.

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