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Episode 21: Father

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Olson is rescued by Mome, who takes him to a nearby house. When he wakes up, Mome introduces herself and tells him that he can spend the night here recovering. The enemy won't be able to locate him because of the Tokuiten jammer. Olson asks why the locals are taking care of him after his mecha caused so much damage. She tells him that the man who owns the house says this sort of thing happens all the time, so they're forgiving.

Kei leaves to go pay a visit to Olson. Mimsy is worried, but Kei says he can take care of himself.

Athena is getting no reading on the Tokuiten sensors, but when she spots Kei she attacks him and demands to know where Olson is. During the fight, Kei sees who he is up against and tries to stop the fight, saying they have a special relationship. Athena, thinking he's talking about the cave says that is nothing. Kei tells her Olson said they are father and daughter, but Athena doesn't buy it and keeps fighting.

Mome and Olson see the combat and Olson takes off to try and stop the fight, despite Mome's protests that Kei will get mad at her for letting him go. Kei gets Athena in his sights and is about to fire when Olson flies in front of him and gets bowled over by Kei's faster mecha.

Olson crashes and Athena quickly lands to see if he's OK. Kei lands and Athena pulls her gun, declaring that she is taking Olson from the Emaan. Olson tells her that she can't shoot Kei because Kei is her father. Athena laughs, rather hysterically, and says that it is a bad joke. "It's not a joke.", says Kei. Athena remembers that her father's name was Kei Katsuragi, and Olson tries to convince her that this is, in fact, the same Kei Katsuragi.

Olson remembers visiting Tina when she was still alive, though ill. Tina had asked him if he had found Kei yet. Olson replied he hadn't, but that Kei was bound to show up sooner or later. Tina had said she couldn't wait much longer, so she told Athena everything about her father.

Mimsy shows up and after shooting the gun from Athena's hand, says to Kei that she's glad she showed up in time; she'd rather she was shot than Kei. She asks what is going on and Kei explains, rather embarrassed that Athena is his daughter. Athena is outraged, "You abandoned and forgot about Mom! Just went off and got yourself a new girlfriend!" Turning to Olson, she says "Why did you tell me? I didn't ask to know who my father was. I wish it had been you!" Olson says nothing and Athena runs to her mecha and flies off.

In her mecha, Athena asks her mother if she really is Kei's daughter. She remembers her mother saying, "Although Kei could be terrible, he was always honest with me. Your mother loved him."

Kei and Olson sit by a pool. Olson tells Kei that what they have to do to repair the world will probably kill them, but they are responsible for the chaos and must put an end to it.

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