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Episode 17: Seventeen

We find Sray still alive in Death Valley, observing the lake drain away.

Onboard the Glomar, Mimsy accosts Kei in the process of leaving and demands to know where he is going. She thinks he is going to see the "other Tokuiten" and fears that he is the bait in a Terram trap. "Olson's not that kind of guy.", Kei replies and prepares to leave. Mimsy collapses on the floor and after Kei realizes she isn't putting on an act, gets her to the infirmary.

Before anyone answers Kei's questions about Mimsy's condition, the Toobu clan attacks and he leaves to fight them. Shaya detains Kei; she says that what has been done to him by the Toobu clan is unforgivable and, as one of them, she can't ask for his forgiveness, but she says she is truly sorry.

Kei is soon pinned down by the Toobu clan mecha. Govu asks Tai to help but he refuses, saying the situation is not critical enough to warrant it. Shaya tells Tai to inform Kei that there is a canyon that leads to Death Valley nearby in which he may be able to hide.

Kei eludes his pursuers, and meets Sray. Kei tells him that Mimsy is sick and they return to the Glomar.

Sray observes Mimsy's condition and then asks to speak to Kei alone. He says that Mimsy is ending her period of fertility. If she has one more fever attack, she will no longer be able to have children. Sray blames Kei that Mimsy is no yet married.

The Toobu clan is awaiting the arrival of the Glomar in Death Valley.

Kei, now alone, muses that soon many of the wonderful things about Mimsy may disappear forever. Mimsy's condition has created a great deal of discussion about old age among the Emaan. Mome muses sadly that Kei seems more worried about Mimsy then he would ever be for her. Maaie and Leeia, only a few years younger than Mimsy, dread the prospect of leaving their childhood behind unmarried.

In Mimsy's dreams, she looks for Sray at the party at which they first met. Instead she is confronted by a group of masked tormenters who mock her and call her an old maid. Both in her dream and in the infirmary, she cries out for Sray to marry her. "As soon as you're well, we'll do it.", says Sray.

Poputei meets Kei outside the infirmary and tells him what has transpired. Sray appears and Kei rather rudely congratulates him on his impending marriage. Sray is annoyed, thinking Kei is mocking him, but Kei insists that he is sincerely happy for him.

The Glomar enters Death Valley. The Toobu clan forces confront Shaya and order her to land and deliver the Tokuiten. Shaya finds her time to decide is cut short as the valley begins to fill with water again (the filling and draining of the valley is a natural occurrence).

Sray asks Kei where he is going and he says he is leaving so that the others will not be put at risk on his behalf. After he leaves the room, Poputei observes that Kei tries to leave whenever he thinks he is being a burden.

Kei is unable to escape and is soon pinned down again. The Toobu clan ship fires on and damages the fleeing Glomar. Onboard, Sray vows that he won't let Mimsy die and leaves.

Another warship shows up, this one from the Raasu clan who have decided to help Shaya. Meanwhile, Sray takes an Orguss 2 mecha and crashes it into the bridge of the lead Toobu clan ship. The remainder of the Toobu clan battle group retreat.

Mimsy wakes up and asks who died (somehow she knew). Poputei tells her it was Sray and Mimsy is left alone to cry into her pillow.

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