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Episode 20: Broken Through

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The Emaan are once again travelling over Europe. Onboard the Glomar, Mimsy and Mome get in a fight over who gets to serve Kei coffee. Meanwhile, Govu informs Shaya that some supplies are running low, but Shaya decides that they can't stop for a market at the moment.

Leegh informs Shaya that he has intercepted some Toobu transmissions. They are pursuing Olson in an attempt to capture one of the Tokuitens. Kei, Leeia and Maaie fly off into stormy weather to try to rescue him.

Olson, a skilled pilot himself, is having some success since the Toobu are forced to use restraint to make sure they capture him alive. Nevertheless, he is heavily beset. Kei and company engage the Toobu and manage to give Olson the chance he needs to escape. The four of them fly off and lose the pursuing Toobu mecha in the storm.

Olson returns with the others to the Glomar and talks to Kei in private. He tries to convince Kei to return with him to the Terram so they can help them repair the world. Kei doesn't trust the Terram and Olson asks him rather callously how he can trust a bunch of aliens more than his own people. Kei loses his temper and they get into a fight. Olson has had five more years of military training and he proceeds to beat the tar out of Kei. Mimsy enters as Kei is leveled, takes him in her arms and demands to know what's going on. Olson tells her that it's none of her business and Mimsy leaves with Kei.

Outside, Mimsy asks if Kei if OK. He assures her that he's fine and tells her not to blame Olson for this. Mimsy, apparently badly shaken by the fight, finally admits to herself how much she loves Kei, and they kiss.

The Emaan return to the city where they helped Jann win a revolt over the former aristocratic ruler. Jann welcomes them and offers supplies and what protection she can in gratitude for the help they provided during the revolt.

While the Glomar is being resupplied, Olson and Kei sit on a hill overlooking the operation. A little girl offers them coffee and as they watch her return to her mother, Olson asks Kei if he cares about his children. "My children?" Olson tells him that Athena is his daughter, by Tina. Kei, remembering what Athena said about her father in the cave and her likeness to Tina, concedes that Olson must be right. Olson tells Kei about the D-system and says that with both Tokuitens, the Terram would have a much easier time repairing the world.

Manisha contacts Jann and demand that she turn the Emaan over to her. Jann refuses and Manisha gives her two hours to reconsider. Jann passes word on to the Emaan, who realize there is little hope of escape. Olson says that he can contact the Terram using his mecha and inform them that the Toobu are about to capture the Tokuitens. They will be forced to come and the Glomar could escape in the chaos.

The Terram, lead by Robert, arrive and a battle ensues. The Hasai Cannon clears a breach in the Toobu encirclement and Kei, Olson, Leeia and Maaie attempt to keep it clear long enough for the Glomar to escape. Olson takes a hit and his mecha is destroyed in the ensuing crash. Olson ejects but cracks his head on the pavement. Kei contacts Mome and tells her to grab a Tokuiten jammer and get Olson. Mome seems hesitant and Kei yells "That's an order!". Mome grabs a flyer and picks up Olson.

The Glomar escapes and an infuriated Manisha turn her full attention to the Terram attackers. Robert wisely retreats.

Later Kei tells Jaby that he regrets being so harsh on Mome. Jaby tells him not to let it bother him; she's only a robot.

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