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Episode 23: Destroyer

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In the lounge on the Glomar, Kei wonders where Leegh is. Maaie tells him that Leegh is working on a space/time device. Kei is in a snit and says rather pessimistically that it won't work. He then gets up, tells everyone he's going to work on his mecha, and leaves.

Mimsy finds Kei sitting in a deserted area. When she tried to talk to him, he complains that he doesn't want to die, even if it is to save the world. There really isn't much Mimsy can say to cheer him up so she leaves him to mull it over.

The Terram finally complete their D-system and a demonstration is made for the general. The D-system will allow them to travel through space and time. Using it, a critical time can be found and a bomb planted which will alter history, causing the world to mend. However, the device does have its dangers; misuse of the device could destroy space and time completely. The demonstration commences.

Mome enters the lounge with coffee and sees Mimsy putting Kei's clothes away. Mome, still trying to impress Kei by being a good servant is angry that Mimsy, of all people, is doing her job as if she had been derelict in her duties. They begin to argue, but give it up when Kei and Olson feel the impact of the D-system's activation.

The D-system carries the Terram to the night before the battle that tore space/time apart, and watch Kei and Olson flee Tina's father and his shotgun. The general is impressed and congratulates the techs.

Suddenly, two Mu robots appear out of nowhere. The Terram return to the present, but the robots are able to follow.

Back on the Glomar, Leegh correctly deduces that Kei and Olson's sudden illness was due to the use of a D-system.

Back at the Terram base, fighters under Athena's command destroy the Mu robots.

Kei assures Mimsy that he's OK and the computer agrees. Kei celebrates and hops out of bed. After celebrating his restored health, he leaves, telling the others that he's going to go work on his mecha. Olson observes that Kei always says he's going to work on his mecha when he's troubled by something, so he'd better have a talk with him.

Down in the landing bay, Kei is still in a snit and is taking it out on Mome; he keeps telling her to check things over again and again. Olson appears and tells Kei there isn't any point in being miserable; what has happened to the world is their responsibility and it is their destiny to save it, even at the cost of their own lives.

Three Mu robots detect the presence of the space/time device Leegh has been working on and attack in an attempt to destroy the device. Olson, now flying a blue Orguss, and Kei join the other Emaan mecha defending the vessel. Despite their best efforts, the Mu force their way onboard, find the device and destroy it. Kei and Olson escape, but the Raasu captain is killed.

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