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Episode 10: Barbarians

Early in the morning, Tai wakes everyone up for morning exercises. Mome sets Tai straight on the matter and Tai apologizes, explaining that he is merely following his programming. Kei and Jaby watch Tai exercise and wonder why a robot would need to.

Mimsy and Leegh finish a game of tennis (or something that looks like tennis). Leegh tells Sray that he may lose Mimsy if he doesn't get his act together. Sray asks Mimsy if she would go for a drive with him. Mimsy tells him that Kei has already asked. Sray loses his temper; he says "Mimsy is mine and you, Kei, come out of nowhere like an alley cat and steal her from me!". Kei replies calmly that Sray and Mimsy are perfectly free to arrange what they want. Leegh tells Kei that the Emaan consider the kind of relationship that Sray and Mimsy have very important, but Kei won't swallow that line. Leeia tells Leegh to butt out, that the argument is between the three of them. Leegh says he is just concerned. Maaie tells Kei that he is being too obsessive about Mimsy and that there are other women. Kei asks if she is jealous, and then turns and asks Sray if he wants to duel over it. All of the Emaan are repulsed at the idea, and Kei turns to leave. Leegh says that they aren't finished talking, but Kei replies that he definitely is. He then turns to Sray and says, "If Mimsy is you woman, you should defend her."

A groups of barbarians spot the Glomar and thinking it is some kind of threat, attack it. The Emaan watch the arrows bounce off and don't feel very threatened. Then the barbarians start using grappling hooks. As the Glomar pulls away from the surface, Kei, Maaie and Leeia prepare to defend the ship. Maaies's trigger finger freezes and, as a result, a barbarian is able to toss a grenade into the engines. The Glomar is forced to land. The barbarians attack the ship enmasse and Shaya asks Tai to help defend. Tai explains that his weapons would not be effective against people and refuse to use Emaan weapons, as he doesn't wish to lose his identity.

Leeia runs out of ammo, and with barbarians charging, Maaie finally overcomes her fit. Meanwhile on the deck above, Mimsy and Sray try to hold off the advance of a group of barbarians. Mimsy is disarmed and about to be carried off. Sray hesitates, but then remembers Kei's words. He attacks the barbarian, but is wounded and fall. Mimsy clobbers the barbarian from behind before he can finish off Sray. Sray is taken to the infirmary, but the prognosis is not good.

Shaya convince Jaby to use his fire breathing equipment to scare off the barbarians. Kei congratulates Jaby, and comments that while he has an evil face, he's a pretty decent monster once you get to know him. Jaby gives Kei and nasty look, who quickly changes his tone and reminds Jaby that he's the hero of the day.

The mecha and engines are heavily damaged, but can be repaired. Govu tell Kei that is looks like Sray is going to pull through. Kei enters the infirmary to bring Mimsy food, but she is asleep and the last meal uneaten. Sray wakes up and says that he tried to defend his woman and failed. Kei tries to tell him that he did well, but Sray says that he does not want his sympathy.

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