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Episode 28: Come Back Lover

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Mome find Kei making a carving, but is not pleased when she learns it's not for her.

The general's subordinate contacts Shaya, who is really rattled to find she is dealing with someone so important. He begins to read her a prepared statement of demands, but Kei comes in and tells him where he can stick his demands. Then the general himself comes on and amiably agrees to soften his stance. Kei is mollified and Shaya agrees to meet with the general.

The Emaan and Terram exchange hostages, and Kei watches jealously as Olson searches a pretty Terram officer for concealed weapons. Olson finds nothing hidden, and the Terram officers come onboard. Kei can hardly keep himself under control and Mimsy jealously stomps out of the room.

Aboard Manisha's vessel, she and Shaya meet with the general and his people. They get close to an agreement when an Emaan vessel arrives and docks on the ship.

The visitor turns out to be one of the Emaan councilors. He tells Mimsy that her mother is deathly ill and that she should return home. Mimsy isn't anxious to return home and Kei asks the councilor to let her make up her mind. "What business of yours is this?", asks the councilor. "Kei is my friend.", says Mimsy. She asks for some time to think it over.

The Terram show Manisha and Shaya footage of a Mu assembly, in which their leader proclaims that they will be victorious and conquer all of space and time. Then, as a first gesture of goodwill, the Terram present the Emaan with one of the products of their space/time research.

Back onboard the Glomar, Tai, having seen the tape of the Mu speech, is felling more like an outsider than ever.

The meeting ends and the Terram hostages prepare to depart. Kei tells them they are welcome ANYTIME. Kei happily accepts their leader's reply, and escorts them out. Mimsy, who was watching this whole scene, tells the councilor that she will return with him.

Leegh begins instructing the Terram engineers. His plan requires them to reach the space elevator, which is the only object that penetrates the Daitokuiten barrier around the planet. The Tokuitens then must ascend the elevator. Once outside the Daitokuiten, they can act to repair the world. His plan impresses the Terram.

Kei begs Mimsy not to leave, but she tells him she has to go. She promises to return soon.

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