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Episode 15: Tokuiten

The Emaan are celebrating their imminent return home. Kei notices Mimsy leaving and, despite Mome's insistence that they go off and play, follows her back to the Glomar. Kei asks what's wrong, but Mimsy says she wants to be alone, and leaves.

The radio in the battered Orguss picks up a transmission on the frequency used by the fighter squadrons Kei flew with 20 years ago. Kei demands to know who is using it now. Olson identifies himself and recounts the night at Tina's to prove his identity. Olson asks Kei to meet him right away.

Kei greets Olson by decking him for not contacting him sooner.

At the Terram base, Athena asks Robert to put her in charge of chasing down Olson. She says she wants to do the job alone, but after she departs Robert orders another pilot to follow her.

Olson explains that, after the explosion of the space/time bomb, he first appeared five years ago. Olson says that both of them are being called Tokuiten, but that they are really only pieces of the whole phenomenon that resulted from the explosion, which is called the Dai- Tokuiten (Dai = big). All of the pieces must be found to repair the world. Olson implores Kei to return with him to the Terram so that they can undo the mess the world is in. Kei is hesitant and Olson says that Kei ought to return to the Terram because they are the people of his original earth. After the bomb went off, there was a wave of political turmoil and many governments were overthrown. The Terram are the organization that evolved from that mess.

Kei is finding all this a bit hard to swallow and as Olson continues to try and persuade him, he mentions Tina's name. Kei interrupts and asks if Tina is still alive. Olson says no, but Tina had a child by Kei. Kei can't believe it but at this point they are interrupted as the trees come to life and attack them (a creature that looks like a tree when concealed). They fire into the sky, hoping to bring help, and Athena appears. She destroys the tree monsters, but when she sees that Olson is with an Emaan, she flies off, hardly able to believe that Olson could be doing this. The man trailing Athena also spots Olson with Kei and heads back to report. Olson climbs into his mecha and tells Kei that they will meet again, soon, and flies off in pursuit of the man who was trailing Athena.

The Emaan arrive at their city and, as Kei, Mome, Shaya, and Mimsy travel through the city, Kei notes nearly all the Emaan they see are female. Mimsy says that the Emaan have a very high female to male ratio and furthermore, many of the men are off to war. "How wonderful!", exclaims Kei.

They arrive at a sort of projection booth studio. Mome wants to watch too, but the operator says it won't work from robots.

The operator explains: The Daitokuiten has bonded many universes together, more than a hundred. This instability occurred because, when the Daitokuiten formed, it was split. Had it stayed in one piece, the bomb would have functioned exactly as it was designed to. Kei and one other are the parts that must be found. A time will come when they must act to undo the mess. Kei asks what he must do. As the lights come back up, the operator says that they don't know, but it's safe so don't worry.

After the others leave, the operator detains Shaya and asks if Kei will cooperate. Shaya says that he will, at least for now. The man muses that perhaps some "mental inducements" are in order. He then tells Shaya that the Raasu clan is falling apart over the Tokuiten issue and that their last chance to act is coming soon. As for the Tokuiten, the actions he will have to take will cause him to be lost forever!

Outside the Emaan city, the Terram attack, hoping to destroy the Tokuiten. As the pilot he has been pursuing arrives, Olson lands a missile hit and kills him.

Back inside, Kei thinks about the disaster he has caused. He vows to himself that he will do whatever he must to repair the world.

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