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Episode 14: Operation "D"

Onboard the Glomar, Kei asks if the Terram are done attacking. Maaie says probably since they are just outside the Emaan city. Leeia wonders if Sray is dead. Maaie says not to worry and that he will probably pop up sooner or later.

Meanwhile, the Mu are invading a Terram city and they are proving to be a formidable foe. After watching this, the Terram general's aids voice their concern that the Mu are going to be a formidable obstacle in uniting the world under Terram rule. The general wonders why they don't have the Tokuiten yet. He asks for an updated report which shows that the Glomar has almost reached the Emaan homeland. The aids are concerned but the general is convinced that Olson can do the job for them. Another aid enters and, after the general has left the others, gives him a report saying that Olson let the Tokuiten escape. At first he refuses to believe it but the report is from Henry, whose word the general trusts.

Olson looks at Tina's picture and comments that Kei's been alive all this time and that he's the same as he ever was. Athena enters and asks Olson why he stopped her from shooting down the Tokuiten. He replies that he isn't supposed to say, but he will tell her: the Tokuiten is the key to repairing the world so he must not be killed. Athena thanks him, calling him Uncle (Oji-sama).

The general contacts one of the scientists working on the new D- system. The man reports that progress is being made, but the general isn't satisfied. He wants it working in half a month.

Robert enters Olson's quarters and rather gleefully informs him that he has been demoted to lieutenant and removed from command for allowing the Tokuiten to escape. Robert is taking real pleasure in having the once bigshot under his command. He also informs Olson that orders have come down from the top; the Tokuiten is to be killed.

Olson contacts the general and asks him why he has ordered the Tokuiten killed. He replies that the Tokuiten's actions could ruin what they are trying to accomplish with the D-system, so he has to be liquidated. Olson tries to ask the general to change his mind, but the general cuts him off and tells him that he has deliberately failed to perform a mission which he was trusted to complete. Olson tries to say he had reasons, but the general hangs up. Olson vows that he will save Kei at any cost.

Kei tries to comfort Mimsy, saying that Sray must be OK. He tries to tell Mimsy that it isn't her fault, but Mimsy insists that Kei leave her alone.

Athena calls after Olson addressing him as captain. Olson informs her that because of his actions he has been demoted and Robert is now her captain. Athena salutes anyway and insists that, no matter what, he will always be her captain.

Poputei asks Kei how Mimsy is doing. Kei replies that she is still depressed. Poputei says that it's good that young people can express their feelings. Kei reminds her that she too is young. Poputei evades this and says that Sray should have come back and wonders why he leaves so many people in pain.

An attack starts. Kei wonders how they found the Glomar and Shaya says she didn't think the jammer was necessary anymore. Shaya comments that she wishes Mimsy was there to coordinate. Mimsy makes a timely entrance and orders Kei, Maaie and Leeia to launch.

Kei is soon pinned down as the Terram are playing for keeps. Olson intervenes to save him. Kei, still not aware who Olson is, thanks him and, when Olson gets in trouble, Kei interposes himself and is shot down.

The Terram watch Kei fall and, staring victory in the face, find a large number of Emaan Orguss 2 mecha staring back. The Terram attack force is cut to shreds and retreats.

Shaya talks with the attack force commander. After hearing that Kei is OK, Shaya asks why reinforcements were so slow in coming. The commander informs Shaya that two of the Emaan clans have been engaged in a cold war and that help wouldn't have come at all if the Toobu clan hadn't sent it. Shaya asks which clans are fighting and the commander says that the Toobu clan and Raasu clan have been fighting. Shaya is disturbed since they are her and Mimsy's factions, respectively. The commander says that the two groups are arguing over how to deal with the Tokuiten.

Olson, having deserted his army, says aloud to himself that Kei must be convinced to return to the Terram or they will kill him.

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