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Episode 3: Pretty Machine

Mimsy finds Kei and brings him back to the Glomar. Kei inquires about the Emaan fighters. Mimsy tells him that Emaan fighters have an anti- gravity control system which makes them easy to pilot and quicker to respond to the pilot's wishes.

Meanwhile, a lone Terram pilot finds the ship and attacks. After a brief battle, Maaie shoots him down.

Kei takes one of the Emaan craft to run it through its paces. Despite the fact that he has never flown one before, he quickly masters it and proceeds to blow a whole squadron of Terram mecha out of the sky. After the battle, Maaie and Leeia congratulate Kei and are amazed that he performed so well on his first time out.

Kei's Bronco is salvaged and Kei mourns its destruction. Shaya says that the Emaan can not only fix it, but modify it so it will fly on the anti gravity system. Kei immediately starts running off a list of modifications starting with adding arms. Mimsy tell Kei that they won't fix his fighter unless he promises to stay. Kei, thinking to himself, observes that the food isn't bad and there seems to be a large number of unattached women. Mimsy is also thinking to herself, that they must convince Kei to stay since his is a Tokuiten. Kei agrees to stay.

Olson, now a Captain in the Terram military, is summoned to meet with the Terram supreme commander. The general watches the men going off to battle against the Mu and feels guilty because they will most likely die. He tells Olson that the Emaan have a Tokuiten and unless they get him soon, they will either be destroyed by the Mu or die from the heat. The general tells Olson that he will be put in charge of recovering the Tokuiten, but first he is to work on another project. Finally, he tells Olson that he too is important so he should take care of himself.

Kei joins Mimsy on a trip to acquire some parts for the modified Bronco. When they arrive, Mimsy uses the phone to contact the Emaan homeland and reports that they have the Tokuiten.

While Kei is waiting, a small girl approaches him and asks if he will buy her. She explains that she can wash clothes, clean up and so forth. Kei is about to rip the store owner's face off for enslaving children, but the man explains that she is a robot. Kei asks Mimsy to buy her, and Mimsy haggles with the man (the Emaan do a lot of haggling) and eventually buys her.

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