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Episode 12: Terram Girl

The Glomar is nearing the Persian Gulf and Maaie is send out to scout. She discovers and Terram base and is attacked by the mecha on patrol.

The Emaan ponder their situation. As they look over a map, Kei points out that the Terram will almost certainly be waiting for them in an area north of the gulf through which they must pass. Mimsy notices Mome oiling Tai and tells her that the oil she is using is far too precious for this purpose. Mome replies that Tai must be properly oiled to function and Tai says that a good fighting machine must be quick on its feet.

Leeia comments that she is worried about Maaie. Kei agrees and says he should have gone, but Tai reminds Kei that he is their ace and cannot be put at risk for such missions. Kei leaves to check the Orguss, just in case, and everyone begins making excuses to leave with him as they are all worried.

Out in the hall, Sray and Leegh confront Kei. Leegh tells Kei that he wants him to leave the Glomar. Sray says to Kei, "I can't stand you. How many of us are in danger because of you?" Shaya appears and tells Kei the Maaie is heavily beset and a missile hit has destroyed her afterburners; she can't escape without help. Without a moment's hesitation, Kei agrees to help. After a short battle, Kei manages to rescue Maaie.

Shaya tells Sray and Leegh that she understands their feelings, but that they must return with Kei. "How's that?", Sray asks. Leeia and Maaie say that Kei is their friend so they can't just abandon him. Leegh and Sray ask Shaya why the Terram are so persistent. After a moment, Shaya says that she wasn't supposed to tell anyone, but the Tokuiten is the key to repairing the world. Mome is thrilled, but Shaya tells her not to tell Kei yet. Poputei's children begin crying and she leaves. Shaya says to the others, "For those childrens' sakes, we must return with Kei."

Olson learns that the Terram have lost the Tokuiten. Olson shows the report to Athena. She asks Olson to let her deal with the problem. Olson agrees but tells her that she is not to kill him. Athena departs in her Nikick, the Terram's latest development in mecha. She nearly mows down Henry, who reports an intrusion. Olson tells him it's one of theirs and to stay out of its way.

Kei returns and confronts Sray and Leegh to settle their argument. They tell Kei that they have talked about it among themselves and they have changed their minds. Kei comments that they seem to do that a lot. Sray is infuriated, but Leegh holds him back and apologizes on behalf of the both of them.

Athena activates a device in her mecha. The device can't locate the Tokuiten through the jammer, but can detect the jamming field should she come across it, thus providing her with a general idea of where the Glomar is.

Meanwhile, Kei takes a bath. Mome enters and asks if Kei wants his back washed. Despite the fact that Mome is a robot, Kei is embarrassed and tells her to go away. Mome is reluctant, but does so. Just then, Leegh informs him that they have detected a Terram mecha approaching. Kei meets with the others. Leeia says that since there is just one they should just shoot it down, but Tai points out that doing that would give away their location.

Athena finds the jamming field and attempts to flush out the Glomar by laying down a missile barrage. In the ship, Leegh wonders why his jammer isn't working and Kei, figuring it out, explains that the field covered is so small that they can locate them by locating the field.

Another barrage hits. Leeia loses her temper and engages Athena, but is shot down just as Kei arrives. Kei and Athena are well matched, but thanks to some help from Mimsy, Kei is soon at Athena's mercy. She remembers Olson's words that she is not to kill and Kei is able to use that moment to save himself and cripple Athena's Nikick. Athena returns to base.

Kei find Leeia's wrecked mecha and returns with it. Leeia has survived and isn't seriously hurt.

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