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Episode 22: Decide

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The Toobu locate the Glomar and Manisha orders an attack. She pauses momentarily to apologize to the picture of Ranchi, her husband.

Shaya is caught up in the memories her locket holds when Govu informs her that they are under attack.

Kei has realized that he must decide now whether to remain with the Emaan or return to the Terram. Kei is indecisive, despite Mome's pleas to remain. Olson appears and asks Kei if he has decided. Kei tells him that he has not and Olson says that with both Tokuitens, the Terram will easily be able to repair the world. Mome loses her temper with Olson, but Kei calls her to order.

The Raasu captain says he will try to detain the enemy while the Glomar escapes. Manisha is not fooled, however, and sends a small detachment to occupy the Raasu while she continues to pursue the Glomar.

Henry runs into Athena. He is rather pleased that he has been given the task of killing the Tokuitens. Athena naturally gets upset and Henry asks, "Do you love Olson? Well, lovable guys ought to be killed." As Henry walks off, Athena prays Olson won't die.

Kei is trying to get some guidance from a flower when he hears Mome pounding on a pan and shouting "Go home!". Mome is upset with Olson for trying to convince Kei to leave the Emaan. After Mome is disarmed, Olson asks to speak with Shaya while Mimsy catches Mome to talk with her.

Mimsy tries to calm Mome, saying that Kei won't leave; he's promised to stay. "If you like Kei, you should believe in him. Kei seems fickle, but he knows what's right." Mome grudgingly agrees.

Mome then asks Mimsy why she hasn't married Kei; her 18th birthday is coming up and if she isn't married by then (read: 1st time sex), she'll lose her womanhood. Mimsy says that isn't important to her. Mome stoutly declares that if she were Mimsy, she would marry him. Mome asks Mimsy if she wants to become old and unattractive like Shaya. Mimsy said that Shaya once loved a man for a long time; she also would be content with that.

Olson asks Shaya why they haven't brainwashed Kei. Shaya says that she couldn't allow that. "Even with the world at stake?", asks Olson. "I must admit that I would have if I were in your shoes. If the Terram succeed with their D-system, the Emaan world will be destroyed." Shaya says that she is thinking of more than just one world. She will save them all or none.

Manisha catches up with the Glomar and demands its surrender. Shaya says that they are prepared to die before that. Manisha says to Shaya that she has always been so selfish; she ran away from her responsibilities as leader of the Toobu to become a scavenger, yet now she expects the family to follow her. Mimsy enters the bridge and tells Manisha that Shaya left the Toobu because she though Manisha would make a better leader. Manisha isn't moved. Then, despite Shaya's attempts to silence her, Mimsy says that she also left because Manisha's present husband Ranchi loved Shaya more, and Shaya had not wanted a family fight. Manisha is outraged and calls Mimsy a liar. She orders the attack to commence; she doesn't care what happens to the others so long as the Tokuitens are captured.

As the Glomar is being pounded, Shaya announces that she is going to go talk to her sister. Kei is worried about her and asks to come with.

Upon arriving, Manisha sarcastically praises Shaya for all her "selfless acts". Shaya comments that all that was a long time ago. She says she believes in Kei. "Although he's stupid, he is noble. The Tokuitens want to save the worlds, all of them, and we have to give them their chance." Manisha and Shaya make up.

A messenger comes in and reports that the Terram are attacking. Manisha orders Shaya to escape with the Tokuitens while they fight the Terram.

Kei and Mimsy are on the top deck. Kei says, "Shaya is a great person. I overheard your conversation with Mome and I understand why you envy her, but I don't want you to be like her."

Olson interrupts them and asks Kei whether he has decided who he will work with. Kei says he is staying with the Emaan, and Olson decides he must too.

Alone again, Kei tells Mimsy that when he and Olson repair the world, they will probably die. Mimsy says that doesn't matter. Kei takes her in his arms and they glide off into the sunset.

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