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Episode 25: Terram Soldier

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Kei is fooling around with Mimsy when Olson interrupts and announces that the Terram are attacking.

Back at Terram HQ, Robert is fuming that he has not been included in the latest attempt to kill the Tokuitens. The commander explains that Robert has had numerous opportunities and has failed every time. The other men, led by Henry, demand that Robert be given one more chance (Henry has his hand on his gun). As they leave to join the attack, Robert swears to himself that he will kill the Tokuitens this time.

Manisha tells Shaya that she will fight the Terram while Shaya tries to escape with the Tokuitens. Tai wants to fight, but Shaya overrules him.

The Terram attack and seriously damage Manisha's battle force. Against orders, Kei flies off to help. He is soon pinned down, but Olson joins him, and together they begin tearing the Terram forces apart.

Back onboard the Glomar, Tai is passing out orders, not necessarily sanctioned by Shaya.

Robert pursues Olson, determined to kill the traitor. He flies into a canyon wall and his mecha is seriously damaged. Olson asks Robert how he can go along with the Terram plan and let all those other parallel world be destroyed, but Robert only cares about the Terram world. Henry arrives and picks up Robert's mecha. Kei tries to shoot him, but Olson prevents this. Olson says that he wants another chance to convince Robert that he is making a mistake. Kei levels Olson and points out that by letting them escape, other Emaan will be killed.

Tai give battle instructions to Leeia and Maaie. Shaya tells Tai that the Emaan must work as a team and that he should take orders from Mimsy, but Tai is confident of himself. Leeia and Maaie engage the Terram forces that found the Glomar, while Tai mans the main guns. At first Tai won't shoot because he wants to fire at the lead ship, rather than waste his efforts on the lesser craft. When he finally does shoot, he missed his target and hits Leeia.

Manisha informs Kei that the Glomar is in danger, and he and Olson fly back. The Terram ambush them and Robert, not wanting to miss this, flies his crippled mecha back into action and shoots down Leeia, who parachutes to safety. Mome grabs the gun controls from Tai and shoot Robert's mecha square in the cockpit, killing him. Demoralized, the Terram retreat.

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