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Episode 33: Last Charge

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Kei observes the assembled fleet and thinks about his responsibilities. There's still so much going on in his life, so he doesn't want to face the Daitokuiten just yet. Olson walks by, and Kei hopes, for Athena's sake, that he won't meet an untimely end.

Mome wonders what the world will be like when the Tokuitens restore space and time. Jaby says that only the gods know; it all depends on what Kei and Olson do. Maaie worries, but Tai tells her she must have faith in them.

Manisha contacts Shaya and tells her that the Terram have been acting cagey lately; she thinks they're up to something. Shaya becomes somewhat concerned, but she still has faith in Kei and Olson, so she's certain it will all come out right in the end.

Athena is assigned to the Glomar to guard against any attempt by Henry to kill the Tokuitens. Upon her arrival, she comes across Kei and Mimsy, once again leaving the secret room, their discussion alluding to what went on. Athena becomes furious and starts to run off, but Kei stops her. She stalks off, thinking Kei is totally unconcerned about her.

Athena finds Olson, who asks if she's seen Kei; he's been worried about her. Athena tells him that her future is none of Kei's business, but Olson tells her that Kei still feels responsible for her; he hasn't forgotten that she is his child.

Meanwhile, work is nearly completed on the capsule. Leegh notices an irregular reading in E-block, but a smooth talking Terram officer explains that one of the Terram technicians detected a malfunction there and made some changes to remedy the problem. Leegh accepts this story, but later, one of his technicians informs him that he caught one of the Terram technicians working on E-block last night. He seemed very nervous when he was discovered. They realize that the capsule may have been sabotaged.

Henry launches a full attack on the Glomar and Athena engages his forces. She takes a heavy toll on the attackers, but is soon pinned down.

Meanwhile, Leegh breaks out the champagne to celebrate the completion of the capsule. Under cover of the distraction, an Emaan tech quickly photographs the changes made to the E-block.

Back on the battlefield, Athena takes a hit, but stays alive long enough for reinforcements to arrive. Henry is killed.

Kei tells Mome to ready the infirmary for Athena. Mome is looking faint and stumbles, but assures Kei that she's OK.

The Terram command is informed of Henry's death. In the infirmary, Athena is being attended to when Mome collapses yet again. She insists it's nothing and excuses herself. She checks herself over and realizes that her battery if running down. She doesn't have a spare, and they cannot be recharged.

Athena wakes up with just Kei in the room. He acts genuinely concerned and offers her an apple. She replies, rather tartly, that she isn't hungry.

While the Terram gloat over how they've pulled the wool over the Emaan's eyes, Leegh examines the photographs. He tells his subordinates to call for Kei and Olson, but to tell no one else, not even Shaya, about this.

Kei begins peeling an apple and asks Athena to forgive him. He knows he should have done something more for her. "I won't forgive you.", Athena replies, but doesn't sound too convincing.

Kei is summoned by Leegh and is outraged when he learns what the Terram had planned. The changes in the capsule would have controlled the minds of the Tokuitens, thereby controlling the manner in which the world is restored.

Back in the infirmary, Athena eats the apple Kei has prepared for her, and find the taste sour.

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