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Episode 7: I Love You

The Glomar is out over the Atlantic Ocean near Gibraltar. Mimsy is daydreaming about Kei and when Mimsy doesn't answer Sray, he asks if something is wrong. She insists it's nothing.

It appears that Mome has become infatuated with Kei. She brings him fresh changes of clothes, apparently trying to impress him in the only way she really knows how, by being a good servant. However, Kei just thanks her rather offhandedly and takes off.

Kei daydreams about Tina and is upset that he will never see her again. Meanwhile, the Emaan are planning to trade with some of the ships at sea. Kei is exercising and Mome brings him coffee. Mome is pouring when Kei comments that she would make someone a wonderful wife. Mome loses her composure and the results are quite interesting. Mimsy appears to ask Kei to help with the trading and stumbles into the rather odd situation. As Kei heads off, he thanks Mome for the eats. Out of context, what Kei said is extremely suggestive and Mimsy, considering what she has just seen and how Mome reacts to Kei's parting words, and comes to some rather odd conclusions.

Kei explains the situation to Mimsy, who finds it amusing. Govu asks Kei to take some things down to the ship they are trading with. While loading up, Mimsy asks Kei whether he "likes" Mome. Kei says no, and then asks Mimsy if she is taken. Mimsy isn't sure he heard right and Kei turns to her and tell her that he likes her. Mimsy ask Govu if she can come, but before he can answer, Sray (who overheard the conversation) tells Mimsy she has work onboard to do. Kei wants her to come and she is left with a tough choice, and chooses to stay.

After Kei leaves, Mimsy tries to tell Sray that it was just a joke. Sray doesn't believe her and asks her to marry him again. "Not now!", she cries and runs off.

The Terram fleet approaches Gibraltar. They detect the Tokuiten and launch a squadron in a sort of underwater torpedo, hoping to surprise the Emaan.

Mome find Kei in the shower and tells him that Sray and Mimsy are having an odd conversation. Kei and Mome listen in while Sray and Mimsy argue. Mimsy asks Sray if he's jealous. He replies that it's not jealousy but that he's concerned because her interest in some who isn't Emaan is unhealthy. Mimsy replies that since he wants to hear the truth, she will be blunt; Kei has something that he doesn't and if Kei hadn't said he liked her first, she would have said so to Kei (OUCH!). Sray relents and asks Mimsy not to hold a grudge against him; he was pressed into this conversation because he was concerned that the teamwork onboard would suffer.

The Emaan detect the torpedo and although they don't know what it is, Kei is on the scene when it arrives.

On the bridge of the Glomar, Mimsy thinks to herself and reiterates her conviction that she would have told Kei that she likes him.

Robert puts Henry in charge of dealing with Kei while he attacks the Glomar. After a rough start, it appears that Kei is having one of his better days. Then the Terram fleet arrives and begins firing missiles at the Glomar. The Glomar retreats inland to a less open position and Kei shoots most of the remaining enemy down. Govu give Kei a helping hand and Kei introduces him to the Terram custom of shaking hands.

Kei shows up on the bridge and after Mimsy greets him, says that they wouldn't have won today without everyone's teamwork. Sray makes a remark basically implying that Kei is just saying that to impress Mimsy, but before she can take issue, Kei lets it pass and says he's going to take a shower. Later in the lounge, Mome brings wine and glasses to celebrate. Kei thanks Mome and he and Govu make a toast of mutual admiration.

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