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Episode 11: Dummy

Shaya spots the Terram approaching. Poputei, Maaie, and Leeia worry about being found, but Shaya shows them the new device that Leegh has made: a jammer which prevents the operation of the Terram Tokuiten sensors. When Shaya activates the device, the Terram lose the signal they've been tracking and pass obliviously overhead. Maaie wonders if their lives will always be in jeopardy from the Terram. Poputei suddenly becomes depressed and Leeia reminds Maaie that Poputei's husband was killed by the Terram so talk like that is hard on her. Poputei insists she's OK, and leaves. Kei sees Poputei in the hall and joyfully informs her that the Terram are gone. She says "Oh.", and walks away.

Back in the control room, Maaie, Leeia and Shaya continue to discuss their situation. As Kei listens outside, Leeia points out that if they just gave Kei to the Terram, their problems would be over. Shaya agrees that this would be true but that Kei is too important to give to the Terram. Kei walks in and tells them not to worry, he'll die and that will be that. After a moment of disbelief, Shaya says, "I understand. Kei, we are going to kill you."

While Leegh works on repairing the Orguss, Sray recovers in the infirmary. Mimsy has been watching him the whole time he was recovering. Sray tries to rise and Mimsy tries to keep him settled. Shaya enters and asks to speak to Mimsy in private. Shaya says that it was kind of her to keep such a close eye on Sray, but Mimsy says she is treating Sray just like any other patient. Mimsy starts away, but Shaya stops her and tells her not to fall in love with Kei; Mimsy is of a different world and she shouldn't live in foolish dreams. Mimsy crossly replies that she understands and stomps off.

The Glomar takes off and Shaya turns off the jammer. Kei wants to know why they are leaving so soon and Shaya replies that it is time for the enemy to find them. The Terram pick up the Tokuiten and close in. Mimsy enters the control room to find out why they are coming out of cover and notices the jammer is off. Mimsy and Shaya start fighting over it. Meanwhile the Terram appear. Kei engages them, but Henry shoots him down. In shock the Terram watch the Orguss fall and shatter on the ground.

The Terram search the wreckage but the only thing left of the Tokuiten are scattered chunks of flesh. Henry tries to make excuses, but Robert reminds him that the only important thing is that the Tokuiten is dead. In light of that fact, excuses are meaningless. The Terram search the Glomar for good measure, but find nothing.

The Terram leave and Mome is oddly happy. Leegh grabs her and takes her away. In one of the rooms of the Glomar Shaya, Leegh, Mome and Jaby gather. Shaya says the plan worked, but they must still be careful. Mome is unhappy because no one else is happy but Shaya tells here that they must still keep the plan a secret for now. Mome still doesn't understand why everyone is so sad and asks why they don't think they can just fix Kei up. Leegh replies that Terram are not fixable the way machines are.

While Kei passes time in the real Orguss, Shaya finds Mimsy and asks to speak with her. Mimsy slaps her and demands to know why Shaya allowed this to happen. Shaya says that she had "various reasons". She then asks Mimsy to once again consider marrying Sray. She is nearly eighteen and soon no man will want her (she will be unable to bear children). Infuriated, Mimsy replies that she doesn't care. She will find someone who she really loves or she just won't have kids. She storms off and decides to leave the Glomar.

Outside, Mimsy is attacked by vampire bats and is hard beset. Mome flies out with a lure, but it only stops the bats for a second. Kei hears the fuss over the radio and rushes to Mimsy's aid. Meanwhile, Henry has backtracked and is watching the scene when Kei shows up. Henry realizes they have been fooled and returns to inform Robert.

Kei rescues Mimsy, who can't understand why he's alive. Kei explains that Shaya and he came up with the plan to have the Terram destroy a dummy Orguss. Shaya is furious; by allowing himself to be seen, Kei has ruined the whole plan.

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