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Episode 9: Revolution

The Glomar stops over a battlefield. As Shaya prepares coffee, Sray enters and asks if stopping here is a very good idea. Shaya replies that they need whatever equipment they can salvage.

The Emaan discuss their situation. It seems that there is only one way out of this region, so the Terram will probably be waiting for them. Leegh blames their troubles on Kei, but Shaya say they can't just leave him and Mimsy reminds Leegh that they have an agreement with him. Leegh points out that agreements can be "modified".

The local ruler, Ann, is informed that the Emaan want to have a market. Ann tells her aid that if the Emaan have weapons, they are to leave. She then asks about the peasants and her aid tell her that they are complaining because they have no bread. Ann is annoyed and say if they don't have bread, they can eat crackers.

Sray informs Shaya that they will not be allowed to have a market. Shaya finds this odd, and asks Mimsy to investigate. Kei asks to go too, and Shaya agrees despite the facts that Mimsy thinks she can take care of herself

Kei and Mimsy observe the repression of the peasants and nearly get run over by an oblivious aristocrat. The rebels, led by Jann, abduct Kei and Mimsy, but merely wish to speak with them. They wish to get the help of the Emaan in overthrowing the aristocracy, so Kei takes Jann back to the Glomar to talk to Shaya.

Shaya says that even if the Emaan are willing to help, they don't have enough weapons to go around. Jann asks for the Hasai Cannon, but Mimsy says they rented it out to Ann several months ago. Shaya says that the cannon wasn't supposed to be used to suppress the peasants, but wonders how they will get it back. Kei suggests that since Ann is in violation of contract anyway, they don't need to be legal about it and can just mount a raid and get it back. Shaya agrees to this plan and arranges to arm the rebels as best she can.

Kei stops in on Leegh to ask for a bazooka. He also tells Leegh that they will soon be recovering the Hasai Cannon and that it would be a good idea to mount it on the Glomar.

The raid begins and is a success. Ann is informed of the theft and that the peasants are rebelling. With a little help from Kei, the rebellion begins to succeed. Ann contacts Shaya and asks why they stole the Hasai Cannon. Shaya explains that Ann was in violation of contract so they repossessed it. Infuriated, Ann launches missiles, taking out Kei and inflicting heavy casualties on the rebels. The Glomar fires the Hasai Cannon at the castle. Ann is killed and the rebellion is a success.

Jann thanks the Emaan for their help. Mome appears with a robot she found on the battlefield and fixed. The robot is named Tai (lieutenant). Mimsy asks whether it will be useful, and Mome yells "Of course he'll be useful!".

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