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Episode 5: Lovers

Shaya apologizes to the people of the village and offers a number of free goods in token of this. Afterwards she explains that no only did it quiet the villagers down, but will also act as a promotion. The Emaan will get a reputation for generosity and their markets will be more popular when they return.

At dinner that night, Mimsy asks what they are going to name the modified Bronco. A numbers of names get suggested; Kei says it should be called Nebula. Govu says Gyamon. Shaya asks Jaby and he suggests naming it after Orguss, he peoples' god of war. A lot of arguing starts, but Shaya decides on Orguss.

Two men from the village sneak aboard the Glomar and steal the Orguss. The Emaan set out to find it and eventually Kei comes across them in the woods. At first he thanks them for finding it, then puts 2+2 together and realizes they stole it. They explain that the younger of the two men, Badei, is trying to rescue his girlfriend Ereine who, for some reason, is being held at a Terram base. They apologize and ask if Kei will do it for them since they had no luck flying it themselves. Kei is reluctant at first, but agrees when he is shown a picture of Ereine (once again, Kei's maleness gets the better of him).

Kei attacks the camp and inflicts large casualties before sustaining a leg hit and running out of ammo. The Glomar makes a timely appearance and Maaie and Leeia finish off the last Terram mecha.

Shaya chews Kei out for not telling anyone what he was doing. Then Kei goes out to meet Ereine, and is just introducing himself when Badei shows up and they both leave, leaving Kei feeling foolish. They decide to get married and Sray, standing next to Mimsy, says off- handedly that they get married too. Mimsy's response is noncommittal.

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