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Episode 24: Mu

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The Raasu vessel plunges to earth. Leegh heads back, hoping to save either the captain or the space/time device, but the vessel explodes.

Tai's conflicting loyalties cause his programming to break down. Mome has the others put him on the work bench and begins fixing him.

Both Shaya and Leegh are depressed about the recent setback. Kei asks Leegh if he can remake the space/time device. Leegh says that the device is too complicated to rebuild on his own. Olson observes that even if the device were used to go back in time, coexistence with one's earlier self would likely result in the death of the traveler. He also points out that the Terram know more about building space/time devices than they do. Leegh says that his device would have better protected the Tokuitens. It was important for his device to be superior to the Terram one, or else the world would not get remade in the fashion desired by the Emaan. Now that his device is destroyed, it is unlikely any device he can make from scratch can match what the Terram have. Kei and Shaya point out that if the Terram device had been such a success, the world would already be repaired and they wouldn't still be here. Leegh is encouraged, and returns to work.

Shaya meets with Manisha. She says she needs control of the Toobu turned over to her. Mimsy is expecting Manisha to refuse and puts up a strong front, but Manisha agrees willingly. She says that Shaya has proved that she is a better leader.

The Mu leader discusses his plans with his brain trust. The plan is to create a world ruled by the superior machines. To do so they must destroy the Terram and the Emaan. It is only a matter of time before this comes to pass, but to succeed, the Mu must thwart any attempt to repair the world.

Shaya places the entire resources of the Emaan at Leegh's disposal.

Kei tells Olson that he's depressed; he was so hoping that when the space/time device was destroyed, he would be free of his terrible responsibility; he doesn't want to die.

Mome shows up with an enthusiastic Tai. Mome tells Kei that she removed the "inconvenient" programming. After she leaves, Kei comments that he isn't sure he approves of her methods.

The Terram locate the Glomar and initiate an attack.

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